Well Hello There!

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SO! You have found your way to the Swapit Blog. Prepare yourself gentle user for some pretty gosh-darn Awesome stuff!

This is a brand spanking new blog that is going to be jam-packed full of articles you’ll just want to bury your nose in! We are planning on bringing you reviews of recent movies, books and video games,  posts on popular culture and trending topics, Shoutouts for upcoming features on the main Swapit website, Competitions where you can win big prizes, interviews with Future Makers, AND… the odd funny cat picture  – because floofy catz are da best! 🙂  


Now, we cant do this alone. The best part of this new adventure… is you guys – the lovely users of Swapit! We love to bring you amazing content and materials but we also want you guys to get involved! We want you to wow us with your creative brilliance… amaze us with your devilish wit… shock us with your clever insight… and make us go weak at the knees for cute cat pictures (we seriously love cute and funny animals). 

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So get out there and leave your legendary mark on our shiny new blog! And thanks, by the way, for making our Swapit community that little bit more awesome! x

A big hi-5 from your bloggers:

Sophie and Harry