Scream Street comes to Chessington World of Adventures!

We love Scream Street, and so do our friends at FamilyGamer TV! Check out their scream-tastic trip to Chessington World of Adventures, where they tell us all…

“If you’ve caught the show on CBBC or read the books you’ll know that Scream Street is one of the weirdest and most entertaining places for a spooky adventure. So when we had the chance to go and visit the Scream Street ride take-over at Chessington we couldn’t say no.

After an overnight stay in the hotel, with some nice little Scream Street goody bags to keep the kids entertained, we grabbed some breakfast before heading to the park the next morning.

The main attraction was the Vampire ride, a massive inverted roller coaster – you literally dangle from the track at high speeds. Poking out from behind the trees were the whole Scream Street crew too. Tyger, Rasmus and Cleo were easy to spot although some of their spooky friends were hiding in the distance.

The ride itself was pretty impressive, so fast and so many twists and turns. I’d like to say we spotted the Scream Street crew from the sky but we were a little busy concentrating on what was coming next down the track. Having not been sure about jumping on the ride beforehand we all wanted to go again straight away.

From there we headed to the Vampire Burger bar for some much needed sustenance. The kids went for different meal deals and burgers so it was left to me to tackle the Scream Street burger. A bright orange bun with chicken and salad looked a little scary but tasted great.

The kids scooped up the different Pop Badges that come with the meal and we thought about heading home. After a brief pit stop at the hotel with our ghoulish friends we headed out feeling ready for the new episodes of the show.”

That sounds amazing!! Got to stay on the look-out, you never know where you’ll see the Scream Street crew next…

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