EXCLUSIVE: New Diary of a Wimpy Kid cover REVEALED!


In case you guys missed it, mega-star author Jeff Kinney just revealed his BRAND NEW Wimpy Kid book in front of an audience of thousands of awesome fans around the world!

The most exciting part? The Wimpy Kid team has given us permission to reveal the cover to you guys before anyone else!

We’d like to announce that the next Diary of a Wimpy Kid book will be called…. *drumroll please*….


9780141373010_Wimpy11_CVR UK

Can’t wait to get stuck in? Neither can we! The book will be released on November 1st – make sure you get first in the queue and reserve your copy RIGHT HERE!

If this seems like AGES to wait, there’s plenty of time to catch up with Greg Heffley’s ups and downs so far by reading all the other Wimpy Kid books already out there (there are TEN of them, you know! – so you’d better get started…)

We would LOVE to know: What do you think of the cover? Can you guess what the title means? What will happen in the new book? ARGH! SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!

Tell us what you think in the comments below and stay tuned for more news, cartoons and extracts later in the year!

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