Panini FIFA 365 Stickers! The Frenzy is here!

We’ve gone footie mad over on Swapit in the past few weeks, and this awesomeness is sure to continue!

Get those football boots on as the Panini FIFA 365 sticker collection kicks off on Swapit!

Head over to our official Frenzy, where there are tonnes of sticker packs and albums up for grabs, featuring some of the most famous faces in football today.


FIFA 365 is a collection of stickers and albums featuring football players and teams from around the world. The albums contain up to 72 pages of all things FIFA!

Inside, there is information on how you can understand, organise and expand your collection to help you get the most out of your FIFA 365 experience.

Each sticker pack contains 5 stickers with different players inside for you to get your hands on.


Panini are also introducing a new feature where you can vote for your favourite player online on Panini 365. Click HERE to visit the 365 website.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 15.12.15.png

So head to Swapit and get bidding on these awesome stickers now!


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