360 Degree Videos? The Future is Here!

This week’s Knowit survey is all about virtual reality! Have you tampered with the virtual realm? Take the survey now!


You can also draw on our PopJam template and show us the places you would visit in your virtual world!

Gone are the days of science fiction! The future is nearly here by the looks of it!

YouTube, Google’s video streaming service, now has the ability to serve you 360 degree videos that let you look in any direction! You are no longer restricted to where the camera is pointing!

This brings a whole new level to watching videos with YouTube and Google Chrome. Ever felt like sitting in the pilot’s seat of an Airbus A320? Too Slow? How about a fighter plane? Not into flying? Try sitting in the driver’s seat of a race car!

As long as you are using the Google Chrome browser, you can click and drag around the video to survey the surroundings. You can do the same on the YouTube App on your phone by simply tilting your device up and down or side to side.

The videos take up a huge amount of disk space and bandwidth (4 to 5 times larger than a normal YouTube video).

BUT! The possibilities for this new video experience are endless! These 360 degree recording cameras are readily available to buy already! Cameras like the Kodak SP360 allow you to capture your precious moments and share them on YouTube in full 360 view. Combine this with Virtual reality headsets and you can be immediately transported to a concert crowd or a plane cockpit! This provides a whole new meaning to the term virtual reality! Imagine your school taking you on a virtual field trip of the rainforest! Or flying over the French Alps!





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