Tell us what you have won! Tell us what you want to see!

We are always wanting to hear feedback from our amazing community of swappers. We love to see users having fun in both sending and receiving items through our cool Swapit system!

It’s time for you guys to shine!

How about showing off what you have bought from Swapit? If you are under 13 (or fancy being creative), draw on our PopJam template and tag @swapit in the caption so we can see your beauuuuuuutiful masterpiece! Look out for the template labelled “Draw Your Favourite Swap!”

(PopJam can be downloaded from the Apple or Android App Stores).

Alternatively, if you are over 13, Take a picture of your favourite swap and share it on Facebook or Twitter and tag us! We really want to her from you guys and would love to see you all showing off your favourite items you have won on Swapit!


As well as showing off all your cool stuff on PopJam, Facebook and Twitter, why not comment below with items you want to see in our future Frenzies? Any particular Games? DVDs? Gadgets? Boutique items? Comment below and we shall have a look at what we can add.

In addition to the frenzies, why not tell us what you would like to see on our new blog too! What do you want to read about? What do you guys want to discuss? What’s the chat? What’s new? Let us know! Comment below! (Hey! That rhymed!)

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8 thoughts on “Tell us what you have won! Tell us what you want to see!

  1. It’s hard winning the best swaps because the professional swappers get in with their tactics at the last second 🙂 it’s still fun trying though. You should have things like 10 minute frenzies where you might put a post on popjam and say you’ve got 10 minutes to bid get going 🙂 also maybe have secret swap areas where you might say on Twitter follow this link to our latest secret swap.


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