Swapit explores the wonders and joys of Plasticine! Win a Plasticine bundle!

Swapit is going Plasticine crazy at the moment with a drawing and “Make your own Morph” competition! The top 5 doodles in our Plasticine drawing competition will win a Plasticine bundle worth £25!

It gets even better with the “Make your own Morph” competition. Download the Morph template, customise him, add a caption and then send away your entry. You can also make your own morph, take a picture of him and  submit that instead. The best drawing or model with caption will win a cool modeling workshop for them and their school class! I believe that is what they call WINNING! 🙂

To enter the Swapit drawing competition, click HERE!

To find out more about the “Make Your Own Morph” competition, click HERE!

To find out more about the sheer awesomeness of Plasticine… read on!

Plasticine! The modelling material that never shrinks or hardens has been the source of many imaginative structures since 1897. The original colour of plasticine was a dull grey but when sold to the public, came in 4 colours. Soon it became available in a wide variety of vibrant colours which allowed adults and kids alike to produce many a wondrous (and sometimes rather scary) creations.

Art teachers went ga-ga for the stuff as it was the perfect tool to get students creating and moulding. The ever shapable material is a big hit with kids and creatives, but has also been used in clay animation to produce some Oscar-Winning titles! The Wallace and Gromit short films, for example, were created from the mouldable clay that kids play with to this day. (This is my favourite clip!)

You can see more Wallace and Gromit, here.

Other movies made of Plasticine include Chicken Run and our ever loveable Shaun the Sheep (who has joined Wallace and Gromit on an adventure or two as well).

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The uses of Plasticine goes beyond toys and animation tools, and has even been used by television presenter James May, together with Chris Collins, Jane McAdam Freud, Julian Fullalove and an extra 2000 members of the public to create a show garden… made entirely out of plasticine! It took 6 months, 2.6 tones of Plasticine and 24 different colours to complete the project. Sadly it did not win the award as there wasn’t a garden plant present in the exhibit. BUT it did win a special gold trophy (made out of Plasticine too). Challenge accepted guys?

This shows that even the most intricate of models can be made, shown off, broken down and then remade again into something new! The possibilities with this mouldable putty are endless! Have you played with this glorious material yet? Don’t forget to enter our comp and you could win all the Plasticine you need to get started!


Happy moulding!

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