What’s the secret to a good swap???

Ever wondered why a swap is sometimes “Pending Approval”? Ever want to throw a wet sponge at the Swapit admin team because they reject a swap you put up? Want to earn more Awesome Points and sell more stuff? This article features all the tips and tricks to a juicy swap!

So what can I NOT swap?

Even though Swapit is an amazing place where you can swap stuff and get items for free, there are still certain limits as to what can be swapped between people online. This is to make sure our users stay safe. After all, Swapit is part of the SuperAwesome Club who aim to create a safe environment for all their members, especially kids and teens. So anything listed in our rules of “things not to swap” is a big no no.


Check out our Help page for the full list!

What kind of swaps do you recommend selling?

With the icky stuff out the way, have a think about what is trending at the moment. What kind of things are people going mad for? What can be easily packaged? Lots of questions, but easy answers!

It is always helpful to have a look at our frenzies page to see what people are itching to bid on. We have noticed that certain boutique items are a big hit. Items such as bags, satchels, stationary sets and phone cases are usually sought after. Not just any old phone cases however… gone sadly are the days of the indestructible Nokia 3310s. Iphone and other recent smart phone cases are the winning contenders here.

Stationary items such as pencil cases and pens are good ones. Try and include sets though as swappers (like yourselves) are super smart and are probably not really going to bid on a singular pen or pencil…

Stuff to swap example

Old tech is another good one with old Gameboys, Nintendo DS and Playstation consoles going down well. Old phones are good too but make sure they are in a condition you would be happy with if YOU won it.

Other gadgets such as computer mice, action figures, headphones (not earphones because of hygiene – ew!) and Xbox controllers for example are good ones too.

REMEMBER: If you’re adding a high value tech item, you’ll need to include a genuine photo you have taken – the Swapit ninjas can spot stock images 😉

Stuff to swap examples tech

It goes without saying that movies, CDs and video games are another big hit! Just remember to only post stuff that is accepted by a younger audience! No cheeky 18+ content please! Swapit checks which media it lets on to the site for bidding just to make sure no users accidentally bid on anything too violent or naughty. 🙂 Even some 15 rated items could be removed if they are not Swapit friendly so make sure you have a think about what you upload.

91IUBkga3ML._SL1500_ 81Oqvv6OxHL._SL1500_ lego hobbit scoobydoo

So what about the price?

Ah, the price… this is an important factor when posting your swap! Usually, sellers try to ramp the price up quite high. This is not a good thing to do as it discourages buyers to bid and, in the long run, stops people bidding on your items. The best bet is to start off at a relatively affordable price (use our frenzies as a guide) and watch buyers bid over each other – thus rising the value in the auction! Buyers are more likely to bid on your stuff because they will see in the past your starting prices have been reasonably good!

giphy (3

Is there anything else that could be useful?

You can always take to social media to advertise your swap. This will encourage new users, and more users means more bidders, and more bidders means more Awesome Points for you!  If you’re over 13, search for Swapit on Twitter or Facebook – if your’e under 13, search for us on PopJam! Post a picture of your swap so people can find it on Swapit.

As always, keep an eye on our Frenzies and Help pages for more tips and hints on what you might want to put up to swap!

Now go fourth brave swappers! Go fourth and seek out those Awesome Points! and above all, have fun! 😀

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5 thoughts on “What’s the secret to a good swap???

  1. Lol I always advertise my swaps everywhere I can 🙂 I didn’t know you could put your old phones on I might put my old one on but I never know how many points to start things off on, I usually start between 100 and 300 points

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Millie! Essentially, you can Swap the things you don’t want for the things you do by browsing other user’s items and our frenzies! It is really simple and 100% free. 🙂 You are also able to enjoy the benefits of being apart of the Swapit community!


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