Feel Good Christmas Adverts Galore! Which is your Favourite?

The christmas cheer has arrived! The tinsel is up, the Halloween decorations are in the bin, pumpkin prices are normal again and Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas” is back on the speaker system.

With all this jolly joyfulness comes the arrival of the ever popular christmas adverts with the intention of making us feel all warm and flooofy inside! It also means that we can officially get excited about christmas!!!!

There is a christmas advert for almost everyone and anything but here are the ones that made us feel the most floofy-est inside (I have decided “floofy-est should be a word).

Up first is the Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert where the tissues were out in full force…

Next is the ever feel good John Lewis advert and the little penguin called monty. Monty captured our hearts (and our wallets essentially) with this cute christmas advert…

Moving swiftly on from all the feels, we have the Duracell christmas advert which teaches us that imagination is trully the best thing to have (wish I could conjure star destroyer up from thin air to fight with a lightsaber!)…

Back to John Lewis again with their christmas advert from 2013 with more hits to the feels as this Bunny and Bear really do show the true feeling of christmas…

And finally, both the new John Lewis and Sainsbury’s adverts for this year featuring the poor man on the moon receiving a little bit of christmas joy from a little girl (Her postage bill must be ridiculously high!), and the little cat called Mog who brought everyone closer together for christmas.

What do you think of this years christmas adverts? Do you have a favourite? OMG We’re talking about Christms! OMG OMG!!! It’s nearly christmas!!!

And breathe…

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