Hotels Staffed by Robotic Dinosaurs!?

Well this is it. We have officially reached the matrix stage. The machines are officially taking over and running the show.

Well perhaps not running the entire show, but they are running a hotel In Japan!


From robot receptionists to robot porters, the Henn na or “Weird” hotel is handled by machines from check-in to check-out.

And that’s not where the fanciness ends! You can apparently turn lights on and off using voice commands and unlock your room door with the use of facial recognition software.

Check out this video of a BBC reporter trying out the “weird” hotel, and attempting to hold a conversation with a robotic dinosaur clerk…. (that’s got to be the weirdest sentence I have ever written!)

Would you stay in a hotel run by robots?

Beep boop, beep beep boop!

One thought on “Hotels Staffed by Robotic Dinosaurs!?

  1. Dinosaur robots are going to replace humans one day ^-^ Also is it possible to open up another competition because there hasn’t been one since October last year 😦


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