The Ultimate JG Quiz – PART 2!

Now that you have all taken part in the first part of the Ultimate JG Quiz, its time to don those football boots again and warm up for round two in our Ultimate quiz.

For those of you who were sitting on the sidelines and haven’t taken the first part of our JG quiz yet, the Junior Gunners is a membership for Arsenal fans aged 4-11 years.

When you join Team JG, you can reap many awesome benefits provided by Arsenal. Win competitions, match tickets, signed items and even attend Arsenal events! Our Ultimate quiz is designed to test your Arsenal knowledge. To embrace the full Arsenal motto, Get ahead of the game by visiting the Junior Gunners website to get some hints and tips to help you answer the questions. One lucky winner will be awarded with two Arsenal match tickets and a signed football!

SO! If you haven’t already, head over to part one of our Ultimate JG quiz.

Once you have warmed up, jump straight into part two and increase your chances of winning with the Junior Gunnners and Arsenal! The second part of our quiz features a fresh batch of questions to answer. Like part one, you can get useful tips and tricks from the Junior Gunners website.

Get playing with the Junior Gunners and Arsenal by entering our 2-part quiz and be in with the chance to win two Arsenal match tickets and a signed Puma football!

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