Tips and Tricks to Post Your Swap!

So being the awesome swapper that you are, you have lots of lovely items up for auction. Bids are pouring in for that glorious phone case or that must-have action figure. The timer runs out and BAM! one of your swaps has been sold! Woohoo!

Now you ask “What happens next?”

Well I am here to tell you! Below are some tips and tricks for posting your swap.

If someone bids on your item and wins, it is your duty as the seller to package up the item and send it away to Swapit.  You will receive an email from us informing you that someone has won your item.

YOU HAVE 14 DAYS TO SEND THE ITEM TO SWAPIT. After the 14 days, Buyers will eventually request a refund which means no Awesome Points for you and no item for the buyer. And that’s just not fun! Further cancellations may even result in the closure of your account! And that’s even less fun!!

inside out crying

But you guys are pure awesome and will get your packages sent away in time, so there’s no need to worry about this. 🙂

Now you are the swapper, so you need to pay for postage and packaging. Remember to include forwarding stamps so we can send the item onto the winning bidder.

Here is a price guide to help you:

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 12.39.50

All standard, Recorded or Special Deliveries should be sent to:

Swapit Postroom
PO Box 106
SY21 7WW

(For items sent via Special Delivery, please DO NOT use a ‘Deliver by 9am’ service as no-one will be available to sign for your package.)

**If you are sending large numbers of swaps in a single package via Parcel Force or courier, please only use our street address:

FAO: Swapit

Promotional Handling Ltd

Henfaes Lane



SY21 7BE

Please be aware that couriered mail cannot be delivered to a PO Box under any circumstances.

It is recommended you send any items with a serial number or battery via special delivery. 🙂

If you think your swap has been lost in the post, you can click here to get more info on how to get compensation from Royal Mail for lost post. Then email us at with your username, swap number, swap title and date when you posted it.

Apart from the naughty postmen losing items, there are a number of reasons why the Swapit warehouse may have not got your package…

– Did you clearly mark your username and order number on the parcel?

– Was the package wrapped securely?

– Was the parcel weighed at your Post Office and the correct postage paid?

– Did you put the full address on the parcel?

You can also contact your post office to make sure there were no problems with the package being sent.

If you forgot to write the member and swap numbers on the parcel, let us know and we’ll have a rummage around to see if we can find it.

Now for the Awesome Points! You will receive your points once the item has been received and approved by our dispatch team at Swapit. Once everything has been checked, and the item has been sent on to the buyer, Swapit will issue points accordingly.

And there you have it! all you need to know about posting items and being a top notch swapper! #winning


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