Swapit has arrived on PopJam!

Let the festivities begin! Swapit has arrived on PopJam! Fingers and touch stylus at the ready as you can now follow our channel for all the Swapit fun, news and competitions… but with the added bonus of doodling and animated stickers! A big fat YES to that!

For those who have not yet sampled this glorious app, Popjam is a community where you can create and share digital art, photos, quizzes and much more. Discover new channels and follow your friends and groups to expand your PopJam experience!

image1 (1)    image2 (1)

You can download PopJam through your IOS or Android device’s app store.

To find the Swapit channel, simply serach for ‘@Swapit’ in the search bar and look out for Jeff who will be our little avatar!

Don’t forget to follow other channels like Bin Weevils and Fun Kids Radio as well!


So download PopJam now and follow @Swapit for all sorts of mad and brilliant things to come! And hey!!! It’s freeeeeeeeee!!! We love free stuff right?! :D

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