How to Earn Awesome Points?

Money is sooooooo last year! On Swapit, we use Awesome Points.

This virtual loyalty points system is used to unlock content and earn rewards through interacting with the SuperAwesome Club’s sites and apps and community (Swapit, for example, is a site under the SuperAwesome Club).

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There are three really easy ways to earn Awesome Points:

  1. Doing fun stuff like playing games, entering competitions and filling out surveys. You’ll earn Awesome Points for joining in the fun! The Blog is your other source of Awesome Point collection as it will feature blog based competitions and games. It is also a place where you can have your say in what kind of things you would like to see and do on Swapit. Swapit is only as strong as it’s community. Let’s all be awesome together!

  2. Trade things you don’t want any more – e.g. DVDs, computer games, toys, accessories etc.

  3. Watch Swapit TV, our collection of the coolest vids around! Sit back and watch the Awesome Points roll in!

A note to our young users… If you are 13 or under, you’ll need your parents permission to earn Awesome Points. When you signed up to Swapit, we sent them an email with a link to our parent portal where they can grant you permissions. Make sure you enter their Email correctly!

Be sure to check in on our “Earn” ( page for more ways to win those Awesome Points!

And there you have it! Super easy ways to earn Awesome Points! Above all else, have fun!

Awesome Points 2

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