Are you ready for Halloween? We are!!!

Halloween is upon us swappers! And it’s positively ghastly!

All manner of creepy/spooky/crazy things are slowly crawling out of the coffin and skulking their way over to Swapit to bring you a Halloween experience you won’t forget!

Our Swapit zombie Ninjas (turned undead due to a misunderstanding between a mad scientist and a rather dodgy cup of radioactive tea) are currently working on bringing you some fiendishly brilliant features that will arrive on Swapit very soon. the zombies have been mumbling about Games, prizes, and a competition on Swapit’s new Popjam channel!!

All this is coming very soon but for the time being, the zombie ninjas have put together something to wet your appetite… A Swapit Halloween Frenzy!

This frenzy is packed full of halloween decoration extras, some costume props, the odd bit of LEGO and some Halloween movies which are a must have for any halloween occasion!

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