WINNERS ANNOUNCED! – Hatch n’ Heroes and Pet Parade

Another batch of marvellous winners! From retrieving escaped heroes to catching naughty puppies, you all did an awesome job! A lucky few stood out though!


Puppies were on the loose on Popfun! Their tails wagging as they had escaped their kennels! It was your job to return them to their kennels.

Congratulations to the following pooch babysitters for their amazing matching skills!










-And Alicia

You have each won a Pet Parade Puppy! We will be in Contact with you soon to confirm your details.


Hatch n’ Heroes on Popfun offered another challenge for all of you looking for a bit of competition! All the heroes had escaped their eggs and you had to match each hero back to their respective egg. You all did amazingly but one lucky winner was selected for her particular hatchy-matchy skills (that… sounded much better in my head).

Anyways! Congratulations to Maisie! You have won an iPad!

We will be in touch soon to confirm your prize. 🙂


 That’s all for now folks! Stay tuned to the Swapit blog for more announcements and competitions coming your way. Don’t forget to visit Swapit to have a look at all our awesome competitions. And who knows!? Your name could be next to grace these winning posts! 😀

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