Have you found all our England Players? Win Awesome points and a Sticker Collection Starter Pack!

Calling all swappers! We need your help to track down a few famous sporty faces!

The official Panini England Sticker Collection is out now with loads of stickers to collect and trade with friends! There is one slight snag however, our official England Sticker hunt on Swapit is coming to an end soon! Nobody panic, Nobody panic!! There is still time track down our missing players to win some Awesome Points and be in with a chance to win an official England Sticker collection starter pack!

Browse our Swapit pages and keep your eyes peeled for stickers with members of the FA England team on them.

Since we’re friends, I’ll give you guys a clue – check the bottom of the swaps and frenzies pages (and while you’re there you might as well bid on a few shiny items that are currently on Swapit!) Shhh! you didn’t hear it from me!

Don’t forget to visit the Panini web page for more info on the England Sticker Collection! #GOTGOTNEED

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