LAST CHANCE to take SUPER surveys for Awesome Points!

One thing you can always guarantee on Swapit is a selection of SUPER surveys…

And this month is even MORE awesome! We’ve got FOUR amazing surveys running on Swapit right now. That’s right – just tell us what YOU think about your favourite things (on Swapit and in the wide world) and you’ll be able to earn hundreds of Awesome Points!

Our survey stars this month include:

The Favourites Survey

 Tell us about all your FAVOURITE things this month, from movies, music, games and more, and you’ll earn 200 Awesome Points! THREE DAYS LEFT

The Super Social Survey

We know that swappers are a super social type of being. Tell us about the awesome ways you socialise online and you can earn ANOTHER 200 Awesome Points!

The Swapit Radio Survey

Ever noticed that Swapit Radio button on your Swapit page? Tell us all about what YOU think of Swapit Radio, and you’ll earn 50 Awesome Points! THREE DAYS LEFT!

The Back to School Weekly Survey

How do you feel about going back to school? Let us know and you’ll earn 50 Awesome Points!

The maths brains out there will know that adds up to… 500 Awesome Points!! WOAH!

So, what are you waiting for? Get to Swapit now to earn loads of Awesome Points which you can spend on your FAVOURITE items!

Ready… steady… SURVEY!

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