WINNER ANNOUNCED: What are your favourite things? WIN an iPod Shuffle + 200 Awesome Points!


Awesome work, Super survey takers!! Loads of you took our Favourites Survey last week, and we’ve LOVED reading through your answers!

We promised one Swapper who answered the survey by the 18th May a bonus iPod Shuffle… and it’s time to announce who!



We’ll be in contact with you shortly so that you can claim your prize! 😀 Watch this space for more news and prizes, and don’t forget to check out the Swapit Earn Page for super surveys galore!!

——————————————————————————————————————————————————–Attention all super survey Swappers!

If you are already a Favourites Survey regular, or you haven’t even HEARD of it before, we’ve got some pretty exciting news about the latest instalment…

Not only are you guaranteed an INSTANT 200 Awesome Points by telling us all about your favourite things in the last month  – we’re also giving you the chance to win a shiny new iPod Shuffle!! (Perfect for chilling in the sunshine this summer)…

Just head to the Earn Page and click on the black and red Favourites Survey tile. You better be quick – only entries submitted before the 19th May will get the chance to win the iPod Shuffle.

So, whether you are loving Adventure Time, munching on Monster Munch or you’re just SICK of Meghan Trainor, we want to know!

Ready, steady… SURVEY!!

16 thoughts on “WINNER ANNOUNCED: What are your favourite things? WIN an iPod Shuffle + 200 Awesome Points!

  1. all about that base was good but began to get annoying. anyway swapit is the best site ever because you get everything you want for FREEE!!!!


  2. Hello I’m Rosie and my favourite thing is bieng with my family I also love to enter competitions and also my favourite thing is going on holiday it’s so fun!!!


  3. swapit is the best website!
    i swear guys if u think this i pod shuffle give away is fake then ur loosing out big time coz its not.
    seriosly i won a alex rider book with my swap.
    ive finished reading it its like OMG!
    thanks swapit!!


  4. I like playing on my Xbox with my friends and spending time with my mum who I only see little of at times I also like going to the park to play football even though that isn’t my specialty 😖 But I like spending time with the one who are closest to me


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