What’s New on Swapit!

Hello Swappers!

This is just a quick rundown of all the fun and exciting new competitions on Swapit and more ways to earn Awesome Points – just in case you missed them!

First off we have the wrestling extravaganza that is Mutant Mania! These are the new wacky wrestlers you can create and fight with in the Mutant Wrestler Championship.

Check out the Mutant Mania section on Swapit and try our Mix and Match competition for 10 Awesome Points!

You can mix up heads, torsos and legs from different wrestlers to create your own ultimate Mutant Mania Wrestler! The top 10 craziest creations will win a Mutant Mania Rampage Arena plus a Mutant Mania 8 pack!

auction.jpgfriller.pngwaspinator.pngwild cat.png


So, come and meet the characters, and bid for some awesome Mutant Mania collectables.

And now, it’s time for the cutest digital friends you will ever have. Tamagotchis are the pocket sized pal everyone needs.

Check out the section on PopGirl and also read all about them on the Swapit Blog. Comment on the Tamagotchi blog post about why your friendship rocks and you can be with the chance to win 1 in 50 Tamagotchi Digital Friend Devices!





And now for all you book lovers,  like to introduce to you Rory Rooney aka BROCCOLI BOY! The story of a young boy who    turns green!

Check out the astounding story of Broccoli Boy on Swapit now, and take part in our ‘Sketch your Super self’ drawing    competition to earn 15 Awesome Points and be in with the chance to win an iPad Nano and a set of books by the author.


Next up… FUNNY FICTION! This is the newest addition to the Swapit site.

Meet all the hilarious characters  such as Princess Disgrace in her Third Term at Tall Towers, or Sir John the (mostly) Brave on his amazing adventures! Meet Super Loud Sam and Go camping with the Wild Things!

So many adventures to look at here guys, and there’s a super awesome and super addictive new Matching Pairs Games! Play to win Awesome Points and to get entered into our prize draw  to win £50 worth of Funny Fiction Books and a Kindle Fire.



And last, but certainly not least, we have DC Comics Super Hero World Record Event! On the 18th April, DC Comics are trying to break the world record for the most amount of DC Comic Super Heroes in one location at any one time! So head down to DC Comics on Swapit and register to see if you can take part in this super experience!

There’s plenty more to discover on Swapit and plenty of Awesome Points up for grabs!

So there you go, no more excuses, get down to Swapit and have a go out all our amazing competitions and hopefully win some Super Awesome prizes.
See you there!

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