Win an iPad Mini! Tell us your most EMBARRASSING holiday stories…

We get some awesome books on Swapit… but we think this one possibly has the best title ever! May we extend a warm welcome to… Nathalia Buttface!

Nathalia Buttface and the Most Epically Embarrassing Trip Ever’ is out on the 26th February and to celebrate this awesomely cringeworthy book, we’re offering you the chance to WIN an iPad Mini and a free copy!

Sound like your cup of tea? Read on to find out more:

It all started with The Most Embarrassing Dad in the World. He was embarrassing Nathalia even before she was born. He went and married Mum, didn’t he? Mum’s last name was De Montfort. Thanks to Dad she wasn’t Nathalia De Montfort. She was Nathalia Bumolé.

“It’s pronounced Bew-mow–lay,” Dad would tell her patiently, time and again. “If anyone says differently, the joke’s on them.”

But as Nathalia knows only too well, the joke will not be on them. It will be on her. Massively.

In the latest book in the series, The Most Embarrassing Dad in the world is back and embarrassing Nat even more than ever! This time they’re on holiday in France but everything is far from ‘bonne’!

Sounds SO embarrassing!

Just in case you need any more convincing of it’s ultra-cringe value, check out what other awesome readers thought of the first book!

This is without a doubt the funniest book I have ever read. I couldn’t stop reading and I couldn’t stop laughing. I giggled, I chuckled, I roared and I howled with laughter. I read it in a single sitting and I know that I will read it again and again, once I can prise it out of my Mum’s hands.

– Sam, aged 10

A laugh out loud type of book, when you think your own Dad is embarrassing (and mine is!) wait til you meet Nathalias, he is so much worse! 

– Tilly

We want to know if you can beat Nathalia’s cringey tales with your own holiday nightmares! Just answer this question and ONE winner will get an iPad Mini and 5 runners-up will get a copy of the first and second book in the series:

What is your most EMBARRASSING holiday story?

Have you fallen off a donkey? Or did your dad do some crazy dancing at a beach party? Just answer in the comments section of the blog and we’ll pick the winners on the 25th March!

Good luck – may the biggest cringe win!

Oh, and can’t wait until the newest books comes out? Check out this exclusive EXTRACT!! (Caution: some serious Franglais involved)!

120 thoughts on “Win an iPad Mini! Tell us your most EMBARRASSING holiday stories…

  1. I was standing on the back of a galloping horse, I spread my arms…and then I fell off, while the horse went further without me…oops


  2. My sister was pushing my brother in a pushchair.(This isn’t that interesting YET!!!) and my sister fell over on the floor kneeling down like a donkey and my brother in the pushchair was there staring at her tr ying to stop fom slipping of the seat.His eyes looked HILARIOUS!!!!


  3. I was on holiday in Tunisia and these animation people were dancing in a hut I was recording it on my iPod when my manna started to dance as well I felt so embarrassed luckily my mum didn’t see it happening it never happend again so that’s good 🙂


  4. I remember when i was young, we went on a holiday in Spain and we had called for a taxi. The taxi had one of those sliding doors, but at that time i had not known that and i held onto the door handle thinking it was just a regular handle that does nothing…. I flew out of the taxi and my brother had to drag me back into the car. Most embarrassing thing EVER!


  5. When I was 8, I was on holiday in morocco and was playing football with my friend by the indoor pool in our house. My friend kicked the ball near the pool by accident and the ball started to roll towards the pool. I ran to retrieve the ball and suddenly… SLIP!! I slipped and fell in the pool, along with the ball! The water was surprisingly freezing and I was in there for a couple of minutes before somebody helped to get me out…. everyone was laughing at me and t was so embarrassing!


  6. omygosh so this one time i was waiting in line to get my lunch at school, which was spaghetti, and i walked over to the the table where my crush was sitting, and i tripped over and spilt my lunch all over my white school shirt!! it went everywhere, and the whole lunch room was laughing at me i went soooo red!!


  7. I went to the living room and I turned on the TV. There was nothing on and I started to wonder what was going to happen in Eastenders. But then I saw a rat scarpering under the table. I screamed so hard that my family came to see what happened. I told them what I saw and my sister bent under the table and lifted the rat up. She was running towards me and waved the rat up in the air. I screamed again and ran as fast as I could. She started laughing. I stopped running (and screaming) and realized she was holding a remote controlled rat toy. Turns out she was remote controlling the rat. I was so angry at her and my family are still teasing me about it.
    my username is siny79


  8. I once spilt a drink in the hotel all over the table but the waiter didn’t have any sympathy. She sang baby baby baby at me


  9. I was on holiday in france when I was on the the beach I asked my dad if he wanted to go for a swim he said yes wait one minute and the next thing I know he was naked!!! he told me he forgot his trunks at home. everyone was looking at him.


  10. I once went on a holiday to Paris and it was nice but at the same time…AWFUL. so how my story began:
    it was our first time seeing Paris I was very happy about going their. i made some very nice friends but i don’t really think that they were very nice beacause of all the awful things they did to me but i didn’t realize what sham they put me in.The most bad thing they all did was…
    Well the main girl in that group was Sophia she was the meanest. She taught how to dance like Paris people [not really she just put me in sham]
    Well it was the day for my compition and i did the dancing that Sophia taught and while i was dancing every one was laughing and even my mean best friend.And i was too sad and ashamed of that mean old girl .and till that day on those girls were laughing at me and teasing me…


  11. When me and my family were staying in a hotel in Ibiza, it was late in the evening and I told my mum I needed the toilet. She just told me to go and make sure I am quiet because people were in bed. I accidentally went out of the outer room door instead of the bathroom door! The doors are really heavy – so before I realised it was too late, the door had closed! I was only in my boxer shorts and the door was really solid – I kept knocking but my mum was fast asleep by then… I was really panicking when I heard the lift arriving!!! The wasn’t anything to cover up with! I ran to the end of the corridor and I hid around the corner. People came out of the lift and someone saw me but they just kept on walking! I was SO embarrased!!! Eventually (after about an hour) my Mum had woken up from all of the loud noises and she let me back in!


  12. Once I went to Butlins; my mother brought my iPod.Then she took it outside and started to dance like a mentally ill freaky maniac. Here comes the embarrassing part. At that moment her jeans fell down and her bottom was showing. Whilst she shook her bottom.The worse part was that it was near the fairground and everyone was staring. She didn’t even notice. We went everywhere like that until she finally noticed in the caravan.


  13. We were at this really fun holiday resort in Skegness and we were all going to a concert (me, my mum, my sister and my dad) so i decided to wear a really nice dress. i put it on and all through the concert i didnt notice that there was a massive tear on the back of my outfit. No wonder people were staring at me!! i was wearing pink knickers! AAAAHHHH!!


  14. I still remember this story even though it happened more than a few years ago because it haunts me to this day!
    I was absent from school for a couple of days because I had food poisoning. It wore off and I recovered and went back to school as normal. However, this one Science lesson proved to be anything but normal. We were doing an experiment which involved us jumping and running and then eventually measuring our pulse rates which was fun until possibly the worst thing that will ever happen to me happened!
    In the middle of running, I dropped a pen from my pocket, so I bent down to pick it up and RRIIIIPPPP, my trousers tore at the seams and yes, you guessed it, it was right in the bottom area! So embarrassing and cringe – worthy.
    Of course I had to go and change into some spare trousers at school. I thought nobody had heard them tear and that I had got away with it but I was wrong because as I entered the classroom the whole class erupted into laughter and I could feel my cheeks going bright red.
    I remember this incident made me wish I get food poisoning again just so I can be absent from school and escape the embarrassment. Thankfully it did initially wear off and my classmates had forgotten in a couple of days.


  15. Embarrassing Holiday Story

    My family and I went to Turkey during the Easter holidays. I had to share a room with my brothers, and we had an en-suite. The only problem was it could be locked from the outside as well as the inside. I’d spent many days locking my brothers in the bathroom whenever they went, and laughing from the other side. I was always careful not to use that bathroom for fear of being locked in myself.

    One night, it just happened to be my birthday, all the other bathrooms “just happened” to be occupied so I was forced to use the one in my room. I checked no-one was around before entering, but I hadn’t checked well enough! No sooner had I stepped in and shut the door did I hear the familiar sound of the door being locked…from the other side! I began to panic as I heard my brothers laughing through the door. I tried to negotiate with them but they weren’t having any of it. I was getting a taste of my own medicine.
    With nothing better to do, I sat on the floor to wait until they got bored and set me free. It had gone strangely quiet on the other side, and just as I called out to find out if my brothers were still there, the worst thing possible happened. The power went out.

    My mind immediately began to think about spiders, mosquitoes and a whole lot worse. I was defenceless without light. I began to hyperventilate, rocking backwards and forwards. I kept hearing sounds but told myself it was nothing to be afraid of. All at once, two things happened: the lights came back on and the door swung open. I was so scared I screamed, so loud I drowned out the “SURPRISE!” that had emitted from my family who were assembled in front of the door. I suddenly remembered it was my birthday. Their faces of happiness turned to shock as they saw me on the floor, sobbing. I looked down and that’s when I realised…I had wet myself. To make matters worse, my brother was recording the whole thing.

    That’s my most embarrassing recount ever. I hope I can turn this bad memory into a good one by winning an iPad mini!


  16. Well I wanted to go swimming in a public pool within a resort my family an I were staying in whilst in Spain, but I forgot to pack my new swimming shorts. So I ended up packing my smaller shorts that I use to wear when I was 8! Now 12, I new that something had to be done in order to save me from having the BIGGEST wedgie in the world. So my mum bought me a new pair of swimming shorts, but they were too big! I asked to have them changed to a smaller size in the color and design that I liked, but that was all they had. So my mum said to tie the drawstring really tight when I got to the pool. When we got there it was packed but my family and I managed to find a space. So I got changed in a stall but rushed to get out because other people wanted to use it. Then finally I spotted an empty space in the pool big enough to do the famous cannon ball. When I did it I was really happy, but when I looked to my left I saw a pair of red and black dragon print pants floating beside me, and I said ‘those look familiar’. But then I looked down in front of me and I realised that I was in my birthday suit. I had completely forgotten what my mum had said. I quickly put my shorts back on whilst in the water and believed that no one had saw. But then I turned around and there was this teenaged girl giggling and saying ‘aww your so cute’. I quickly got out of the pool and raced to my mum all red in the face and completely mortified.


  17. One day me and my grandparents went to shropshires safari park and we were going round with our food for all the animals feeding the animals out the window then from the middle of knowwhere this camel came over from the other side of the field we were driving round so I held my hand out with some food and the camel bit my hand and put my arm down his throat and wouldn’t let go. Finally I freed my arm and my arm was dripping with bits of camel food and camel dribble. Sooooooooo embarrassing!!! :/


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