New Year, NEW SWAPIT! All old auctions to end!


So, Swappers, you may have noticed a little change to the ‘add a swap‘ page on Swapit. Don’t worry – nothing is broken!!

We are currently secretly preparing a brand NEW Swapit, due for release later THIS month!! (OMG)!!

If you are signed up to Swapit, you’ll be automatically transferred over when the new Swapit opens, and you’ll take all your Swapits with you to spend on new items!!

To make sure no-one gets confused, we’re making sure all auctions on the current Swapit end by the 25th January. This is why we aren’t allowing any new swaps to be submitted until the new Swapit!

You can still bid on all the items currently on the site, and we’ll keep adding frenzy items right up until the end date…

We are SO excited for you all to see the new Swapit – we know you will love it just as much as us!

Get those final bids in, and keep your eyes peeled on @SwapitUK on Twitter for more updates!!

Stay #TotallySwaptastic! 😀

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