Xeno, Dork Diaries and Zom-B winners ANNOUNCED!

December has ALWAYS been a winning month… and now we are about to unleash some even more EPIC win!!

That’s right!! It’s time to announce the winners of THREE recent Swapit competitions… the Xeno hunt, Dork Diaries story maker  AND the Zom-B Families story creator!

First up, cast your minds back to the Xeno invasion on Swapit… the lovable cheeky baby moster came dancing on to Swapit, but then he got lost!! We needed you swappers to track him down, and loads of you found him 🙂 The lucky swapper who WINS an iPad Mini and their very own Xeno is…


and the runner up, winning a Xeno Toy…


Well done lollypop55 and moreton-cox! We will be in contact shortly so that you can claim your prizes!!

Next up, we enter the fabulous world of ‘Dork Diaries’! To celebrate ‘Dork Diaries: Once Upon a Dork‘ entering Swapit recently, we asked you guys to create your very own a-DORK-able story!! Nikki and her friends met with loads of magical characters… but the best story, winning a jammed packed Dork Diaries goodie bag, is…


Amazing stuff elsa2001! We will contact you very soon so that you can claim your awesome goodie bag!

Last but not least, we take a dark and grisly turn… with Darren Shan’s ‘Zom-B Families‘! Loads of you created gruesome and terrifying stories based on Darren’s spooky characters and scenes. The winner is…


Your Cornwall based Zombie story has WON you the full set of the Zom-B series books!! We will be in contact so that you can claim your awesome prize!!

Nice work everyone!! You are all #TotallySwaptastic winners… and there are still LOADS more prizes to be won!! Just head to the Earn page on Swapit to join in the fun! 😀

Good luck and keep swapping!

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