Write about FOOD for LOADS of Swapits!!

It’s time to flex your writing muscles for another week Swappers!

Before we announce this week’s theme, we’d love to say a BIG #TotallySwaptastic congrats to georgia7113728! You WON last week’s comp with your DANGEROUS story and get 130 Swapits! These will be credited to your account shortly 🙂

No we’re getting a real appetite for the writing competition, we’re pleased to unveil this week’s theme…


Here at Swapit HQ, we like nothing better than tucking into a good old burger, ice cream sundae or yummy pizza! (Of course, all as part of a balanced diet)…

 That’s why we want to write a poem, story, play, song, or anything creative and fun about food – you could create the monologue of a frozen pea, or maybe even write a haiku about pancakes!! The choice is yours!

Let’s make this week’s prize MEGA – remember, for every comment we get we’ll add 10 Swapits to the prize fund, so the amount of Swapits to be won is limitless!

Good luck Swappers – you’ve got until next Wednesday 3rd December to enter… just make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew! 😉

12 thoughts on “Write about FOOD for LOADS of Swapits!!

  1. I love food
    food loves me
    we are a happy family
    with a knife and fork
    I will wolf you down
    and have a food moustache like a clown 🙂


  2. Spaghetti Poem:

    I sink my fork into a heaping bowl
    twist and turn to form a roll
    swirls around, i salivate
    no longer can i wait
    i indulge and it feels so good
    tastes so delicious just like it should



  3. What is red with yellow dots in a shape of a heart and a green crown at the top. Let me describe it inside. As you bite through, the sweet juice bursts into your mouth giving you a smile. You often dip them in soft and creamy puffy clouds, that gives you the double smile. If you want to be super happy then eat them with your friends and family.
    Tip: If you want to explode laughing use some whipped cloud to make your friend a white-nosed reindeer and obviously have FUN!!!


  4. I see the sorbet,
    It’s staring at me,
    I really want it,
    It looks yummy.
    I swallow it down,
    In one big bite,
    My face turns from red to white,
    I think i bit off more than i could chew,
    Brain freeze i hate you.


  5. I looked to the table after waking up. The sweet smell of food was waking my body up, and the desire to eat came closer with every second. Checking my clock to see the time – 8:30 am – I jumped out of bed and made my way into the kitchen to grab a plate of pancakes with honey on them. Oh, the sweetest bite of them all wasn’t the first or the last bite, it was all the bites.


  6. I was looking,
    looking at the weightless mc donalds breakfast calling my name,
    it saw me,
    i saw it,
    I stood up,
    Grabbed it and said “looks like its gonna be breakfast in bed),
    I sat down and started eating it and there it was in my yummy tummy.



  7. We all love a brownie:

    Chocolate cake baked so crisp,
    topped vanilla ice,
    hot chocolate poured on sides,
    tickles the taste buds,
    drooling saliva,
    feast !


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