DANGER!! The Swapit Writing Competition is back!

Pens at the ready Swappers!!

You’ve all been back at school now for nearly a WHOLE TERM, and we reckon your writing skills are on top form!! That’s why we’re bringing back an old Swapit classic (and the chance to win shed loads of Swapits of course)…

The Swapit Writing Competition!

That’s right! Flex your creative writing muscles every week for the foreseeable future, and get some amazing prizes!!

To enter, follow these simple instructions:

1) Pen your own short story/poem/song based on this week’s theme: DANGER (think vertical drops, wolves, scary teachers)!

2) Post it as a comment on this very blog (remember to include your Swapit username in your entry)!!

3) Wait with anticipation to see who is crowned this week’s writing champion!

For every entry we get on this blog, we’ll add another 10 Swapits to the prize fund… so imagine how many you could win!!

You’ve got ONE WEEK, after which we’ll announce the winners on the blog… get writing, get sharing, and build up those Swapits! 🙂

14 thoughts on “DANGER!! The Swapit Writing Competition is back!

  1. A 12 year-old boy named Tom thought this was just a normal day, but he was wrong, very wrong…

    It all happened on a Saturday. Tom woke up after a nightmare, filled with danger. It included wolves, a BIG cliff, and a small little toddler.. WITH A KNIFE! He told his mother all about this, and she told him to not be scared, as it was only a harmless dream. Today was the day Tom was going to the woods with his friends. He went at 1pm, and none of his friends wasn’t there. He looked north, and he saw a cliff, and stupidly walked up to it. He saw it was a big drop, so he looked down more. Then he accidentally fell off, but luckily landed on a huge, study rock that lead him back up. While he walked up, he saw some wolves coming his way. He picked up a couple of rocks, and then the wolves stood in front of him.
    He had no where to run, until he saw a small opening to the top of the cliff. The wolves followed him, and Tom immediately took action. He threw the rocks at the wolves, which caused 4 of them to fall of the cliff. But one was left. The last wolf tried to take a bite of his Tom’s leg, but Tom kicked him just in time. He then quickly ran up to the top of the cliff, and he saw a figure in the distance. ‘Yes’ he thought. He ran other to the figure, but it was a toddler. A toddler with a knife. The toddler saw him, and started lurching at him. He avoided every stab, but then another figure came running to him. It was the toddler’s mum. She said to Tom ”Sorry, my child doesn’t likes strangers” and ran off. Tom then called it a day. He started to run back home, until he saw his friends. They came to him, and said ”Hi, you look frightened, what did you do?” And Tom replied, ” It was a adventure”.


  2. It was a calm day in Manchester when Lewis and Lola were enjoying a bowl of crunchy nut corn flakes on the sofa when… Suddenly the news channel (what lola and lewis’s mum was watching) said “News flash! A scientest has just descovered meteor travelling to earth at about 500 miles per hour and it is going to hit around manchester so if you live there move fast! ” Stacey (lewis and lola’s mum ) couldn’t believe it until she noticed a big black ball in the sky coming closer and closer and CRASH!!! It was in their back garden! Everyone in the neighborhood heard this incredible bang and soon everyone began to crowd round this steaming hole in the family’s garden… “There so unlucky .” a woman whispered to her husband,
    ” Woah!” a little girl said to her mum. When it cooled down, a van parked up outside their back garden and kicked the door down to get in. Lola looked at Lewis looked at Mum they all were thinking the same thing, who are they? They didn’t say anything to the family, one of them just got into a crane and lifted the heavy rock out of the hole! The other men got a ladder and started climbing down and shouted ” It’s h-ee-r-e!” he mumbled… Suprisenley a mummy came out of the whole and stared at Lola’s family… After that he walked towards them and whispered in their mum’s ear ” Danger…”


  3. Danger, danger everywhere
    Spiders in the bathtub,
    Head lice in your hair,
    Falling down a hole,
    Carbon monoxide in the air,
    Rusty nail’s in an old piece of wood,
    Or a dodgy medium rare,
    Getting winded by a football,
    Or a bear trap that ensnares,
    In everything you do take care,
    There is potential danger in everything, everywhere


  4. Bed wet with sweat,
    Heart race in fear,
    I knew someone or something was near,
    Gut twisted and turned,
    Blood pounding in my ear,
    Who is here,
    breathing heavy,
    Then I suddenly hear,
    Hello dear…

    My username is: darcomurphy


  5. My Swapit Username: nikolarules300



    One there was a ordinary girl called Ella. She was a clever and a sporty person and she always did her best in school. One day on a Saturday evening she stared getting ready for school. She had just started Secondary School and she wants to be perfect for her new school so her parents would be happy and most importantly she needs to feel good about herself.
    She walked out of her bright pink room and turned left to go in the bathroom. Suddenly there was a loud scream………
    ”AHHHHHHHHH…… there’s a dead body in the bath” She screamed. Her little brother and her parents rushed up the steep stairs to see whats happened. Her parents walked in and switched on the light to have a look and there was nothing in the bathtub, but Ella was on the floor with her eyes closed tight. Her mum said ” Sweetie are you okay, there is nothing in the bath your just scared from the dark since you were a little girl”. ” But, I’m not i just keep seeing lodes of nasty creatures in the dark ” Ella cried. Dad said ” your not scared of the dark your scared of whats in the dark ”!
    Mum hugged Ella really hard and told her that it’s okay that there is nothing there. So Ella decided to go in and forget about everything what has happened. 10 Minutes later Ella felt a bit sleepy so she wanted to close her eyes, but suddenly there was a loud BANG on the window! She jumped out of the bathtub put on her PJ’S and ran down stairs. She told her parents what has happened again but her parents did not believe her so they said that she was just tired, so they sent her to bed. When Ella got in bed she switched on her bed light because she was too scared to sleep in the dark. About an hour later she was deep in her sleep and then there was a voice that kept saying DANGER DANGER IS COMING FOR YOU………!!!!!!!!!

    She woke up and it was a sunny day so she went to get ready but there again in the bath room there was that dead body again. She slammed the door closed and rushed down the steep stairs but there was no one home it was just her and the dead body. Ella thought that it was all just a prank so she wanted to walk up the stairs again but there it was the dead body coming for her, so she grabbed her backpack ( she thought to herself that it’s normally not that heavy as today) and rushed out of her house without any shoes on. While she was running to school she spotted something wrong, There were no cars and no people on the streets they have all disappeared. But now the dead body is alive ( not dead anymore ) and it is following me to school. When i arrive at school THERE IS NO ONE THERE! She walk in and suddenly the doors just shut behind me, she tried to open them but it did not work. Anxious, she walked in small steps towards her classroom and then she heard a noise that she reconised! Step by step the dead body started to come towards her and she started to panic. But she remembered that if she goes through the Head Teachers Office then she will lead on to a hall way were she can escape the body. The dead body left a lit of purple blood on the floor and somekind of slime dripped out of his stinky mouth ( he sounds like a zombie to me ). When the zombie smiled he had a silver tooth at the front and her looked like Mr Atkinson. She rushed through the other corridor to try and escape but all the doors were locked. She tried and tried to escape the dead body but there was no sign of her too lose him. She found a bit of time to think about what she is going to do next and her plan was that if she can’t lose him she will have to face him with a fight. She quickly rushed down some stairs to the school creepy cellar. THERE ARE MILLIONS OF RATS. She found a few equipment like a ‘chainsaw’! She thought that she had time to go back up there but he was already on the stairs on the way down to slay her to bits. She turned on the chainsaw and thankfully it worked. Frighteningly, she slowly walked towards him and she pressed the chainsaw against his body and he split into two pieces. She was glad that that was all over but he ( they ) came back alive but as two zombies this time and she just had no chose! She shut her eyes tight and and faced her hand paw against them and there was a explosion. When she opened her eyes she realized that they where gone for real this time and that she didn’t need anything else to trust or to fight with because she’s got her own power and she can get through in life easily just by doing her best and trusting in herself. THERE WAS A LOUD KNOCK ON THE CELLARS DOOR………………….

    Knock Knock, mum was at Ella’s bedroom door trying to wake her up. Ella woke up all sweaty and shouted ” Come in ”! ” Have you been having a terrible nightmare ? ” ” Aww it’s okay now I’m here now ” Mum gave Ella a big hug and told her to get ready for school. Ella jumped out of her bed and she was glad that that was just a dream.
    On her way to school she kept looking behind her just to check that it was really a dream!
    ” Oh My Gosh, i had the worst dream of my life ” Ella told her best friends. And they all started laughing about something! Suddenly Mr Atkinson smiled at Ella and he had the silver tooth in the front and Ella just looked away!

    THE END!


  6. Ben walked down the street one bright sunny morning. That was when he heard the rumbling sound. He looked behind him to come face-to-face with a giant boulder, ready to squash him flat! Ben turned and ran for his life. He ditched his school bag because of how heavy it was, and ran down the hill as fast as he could – but the boulder was catching up! Then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw the pond. He looked down and saw a big spiky rock (but not nearly as big as the boulder). He placed it on the pavement. The boulder landed on it and changed direction – landing straight into the pond! Ducks scattered in all directions. At school, Ben was laughed at by his friends and the teacher scolded him. Everyone thought it was an excuse. But little did they know.. The End


  7. My swapit username is jadebabe2000

    This will never change

    Through battles, glory fame
    We fought as one in our name
    Back to back facing the unknown
    Together seeing as the other has grown
    We have been through time together
    Hoping luck would last us forever

    It did until that sinister night
    And that oh so dreadful sight
    Of blade biting through you skin
    Though in vain you turned a chin
    Fighting till the end despite the cost
    That of your beating heart was lost

    You went out as a bright flame
    Your spirit never truly tamed
    Though others called you a freak, deranged
    Never once did you change
    Despite the darkness I feel
    I still can’t see how this is real

    For you to be no longer there
    Not showing comfort or care
    For your voice to no longer ring out
    Neither in a whisper nor a shout
    For your actions to be no more
    Seen only by lost eyes on the floor

    Losing both warrior and friend
    In a swipe of sword that could not mend
    For this was the end
    For life it being just another bend
    But to me this was not true
    As you held part of me with you

    Now you can’t be there
    No matter how much you care
    Split through time lasting forever
    To see you again will maybe never

    Seeing you close within my arms
    Even through you twerks your charms
    Seeing those eyes bright fall
    Even through your most feared brawl
    Seeing you final breath it freezes
    Even through you’re never ending teases

    You were always my hero, my brother
    This will not change forever


  8. “I’m so tired” said Jack Yawning after a short amount of sleep. He got up and
    went to the bathroom. He did his business and brushed his teeth. After that he went
    back to his room to get changed for school. It was a Monday and he was so tired after partying all night. He was in year 11 and it was a couple of months left to revise but he couldn’t be bothered. He thought to himself that “he would just wing it.” His parents had been nagging him to revise for a long time. Jack went downstairs and and ate his breakfast. He was late for school. He ran as fast as a cheetah to get to school but the doors had been locked when he got there,so he thought to himself “oh well”. He went home to chill. So he walked back home. He didn’t really care about missing school. He arrived at his house and went in. He went on his Xbox for 4 hours non stop.
    He finally stopped playing and went to the toilet. He was there for 2 minutes when the phone started ringing, it was his school teacher. He got worried and wondered what should he do. He picked the phone up and his teacher said “Hello, Mrs Hadey, How are you.” He replied back to her (in his lady voice) “Im fine, is everything alright” Jack’s teacher said “Your son Jack has not turned up at school today.” Jack politely replied “I’m sorry for not informing you but Jack has been ill and is in hospital, he will be back at school from next Monday.” The lady suspiciously said “OK then, I hope he gets well soon, bye.” Jack replied “Bye.” He hung up. Shortly after Jack hung up he started jumping with excitement, He just got a whole week off school.

    KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! Jack opened the door but nobody was there so he went out and checked but couldn’t see anyone. “Its just probably some kids playing Knock and door run” he thought to himself. He went back in the house and closed the door. He felt a slap of heat on his back. He turned around slowly and was in some deserted place. Where am I? Why am I here? How did I get here? He thought to himself. He was confused like a freshman on the first day of college. He walked around for a bit shouting and screaming for help but he could here echoes of his voice. He kept thinking to himself, where am I? He carried on walking when someone touched him on his shoulder. It was…

    It was…

    It was just an illusion he was so scared that he was imagining it. He kept thinking to himself “Is there anyone else her or am I alone?”

    All he could see was volcanoes erupting, thunder roaring, lightening lighting.
    He saw a tent and went in it for shelter, he saw some fresh delicious food and his mouth was watering just looking at it. “Wait” the thought to himself, “If there is fresh food then somebody must be around” he carried on thinking.”

    He could hear loud footsteps in the distance “GET OUT OF MY HOME!” roared the voice viciously. Jack went out of the tent and saw…



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