Halloween Winner announced! Who wins an iPod Shuffle and 50 Swapits?

You thought you had stopped being haunted by the ghosts of Halloween now it’s November… but think again!!

It’s time to announce the winner of our awesome Halloween Pumpkin drawing competition on Swapit! We asked you guys to draw us your SCARIEST pumpkin for the chance to win an iPod Shuffle and 50 Swapits!

After scaring ourselves silly by looking through your entries, we came across one pumpkin that out grimaced the rest…



it is the mean, lean eating machine! one spooky Halloween night, the wind blew and the waves roared as they crashed against the harbour wall and there stood was the pumpkin of all pumpkins, the eaternator. when everyone went to bed it came and spooked little children and then they went missing. it happened again 100 years later but this time he caused more menace than ever, this time he lit the village on fire and no one was ever ever to be seesn again…… FACT FILE: – 22 MILLION YEARS OLD LIKE TO EATS LITTLE KIDS DOESNT LIKE TO LOSE FAVOURITE PUNISHMENT BURNING THEM ALIVE….  

Wow – that is terrifying!!!

Please email info@swapit.co.uk with to confirm your delivery address and  claim your iPod Shuffle!

Great spooky entries everyone!! Whilst those fireworks start to brighten up the sky, remember… Halloween will be back…


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