FINAL EXCLUSIVE EXTRACT: Plus, win a signed copy of ‘The Long Haul’!

We’ve been treating you to an exclusive extract of Jeff Kinney’s new book, ‘The Long Haul’ every day for the past six days and it’s now time for one final peek inside our favourite diary!

Click HERE  to find out what Rodrick has to say about Greg’s trip to the vet!

Now you’ve read all the extracts we’d love to know – which one was your favourite?

Don’t worry… the fun isn’t over yet! You’ve still got the chance to win a copy of ‘The Long Haul’ SIGNED by the author himself, Jeff Kinney! All you’ve got to do is get yourself over HERE  and tell us about the CRAZIEST holiday you’ve ever been on. Also, make sure you pop back tomorrow as we might have one more little treat in store!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading these extracts as much as we have; we can’t wait to get our hands on the book as soon as it’s released on November 5th!

‘The Long Haul’ will be available from the 5th November, right HERE.

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One thought on “FINAL EXCLUSIVE EXTRACT: Plus, win a signed copy of ‘The Long Haul’!

  1. we went to Cornwall when I was about 5 my dad parked his car behind a bush and thought he would be able to see the car from the caravan but he didn’t realise we was in the one you cant see behind the bush so when we woke up the next morning he thought the car was stolen so he ran out of the caravan in his t shirt and pants and went round the hedge and the car was actually there.


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