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A family road trip is supposed to be a lot of fun . . . unless, of course, you’re the Heffleys. The journey starts off full of promise, then quickly takes several wrong turns. Service station toilets, crazed seagulls, a fender bender, and a runaway pig aren’t exactly Greg Heffley’s idea of a good time. But even the worst road trip can turn into an adventure – and this is one the Heffleys won’t soon forget!

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41 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE SNEAK-PEEK EXTRACT! Plus, win a signed copy of ‘The Long Haul’!

  1. My craziest holiday was when we went to haven. We had a beach about 0.2 miles away, and a forest 0.3 miles away. On Monday, we went to the forest, and we got lost. 2 hours after we went, we came back. I (did not) enjoy that. The day after that, we went to the beach for the day. We had to wait for the tide to come in for 4 hours. On the Wednesday, everything went fine. On Thursday however, my brother, me, and my mother felt sick. We were sick until Saturday, when we went home.


  2. Just a couple of weeks ago I went to Spain.. We took a coach from home to the airport, the first one broke down after about 30 minutes! After waiting for the replacement he got going again. We had to pick up a few more passengers in a small village, as we left here the driver hit a pub sign and broke it off the wall! We made it to our connecting coach just as it was leaving! Luckily it stopped and we jumped on with everybody looking at us as we had to sit at the back.. After that and a bit of traffic around a car crash ahead, thankfully we made it to there airport in time.. A whole lot of excitement before even getting on holiday!


  3. The craziest holiday I ever went on was a school geography trip to Iceland. WOW WHAT AN ADVENTURE! I hiked up an active volcano and it took 5 hours to get to the rim. I even took a selfie of myself by it. (This was before selfies were trendy). We could see lava at the bottom. There were geysers in a national park and they spout boiling water every 30 seconds. I recorded them going off. I also ate ice from an iceberg from the sea, which was millions of years old. We also went to the Blue Lagoon, which is a huge health spa made entirely out of natural resources. There was so much steam and we all got lost. The teacher almost had a heart attack and we nearly missed our flight home!


  4. Hey swapit,

    I once went to America. We stopped in new York and stayed there we went to ground zero, the empire state building, the statue of liberty, 5th avenue. Then we travelled for a long time all the way to Hollywood. In Hollywood we parked up and walked down the street with all the stars in. Then I got my picture taken with the famous Hollywood sign.

    From Nathan


  5. I was in turkey swimming in a swimming pool when this total stranger throwed my brother quite far from where me and my dad was then he decided to come to me and my freind Courtney and threw us both out further than they did to my brother I went to the edge and got out because I couldn’t stop coughing I swallowed a lot of swimming pool water


  6. The maddest holiday I have ever been on was when I went to Pontins, with my Mum and sister. I was quite young but i remember it vividly.
    When we arrived there were no parking spaces near the entrance so we had to park around the back. Then we had to haul all of our bedding round the hotel and to the main reception , by this time it was chucking it down, i fell over into a puddle and got my duvet soaked.

    The next day we went to the arcade, i love the claw machines, so i went on a claw machine to try and win a heffelump teddy from Winnie the pooh i spent about five pound but still no success. This went on for about three days and then on our last day there I had five pounds left, we went to a shop and i saw the same teddy there so of course i bought it. When we got back to the arcade my Mum paid to have one last go on the claw machine just in case, and would you believe it we actually won one of the teddies. So in the end i ended up with two of the same teddies and no money left!


  7. When I was playing in a netball tournament with my team a couple of years ago we practically hired the hole premier inn so we could all play in the match as it was to far to travel on the day. We made a little holiday out of the trip. We only stayed one night in the premier in but it was eventful. There were around 4-5 kids in each room, we were all aged around 9-16. We took up like 20 rooms. As you may know premier inns use key cards to get into the room. We were only given one per room. In my room one girl decided to run a bath before we went to bed. While the bath was running me and the three other girls (who were not having a bath) left to go visit our friends room to watch x factor. We left the key in the room with the girl who was running the bath, because we knew she would be finished before x factor was. Plus she might need it and we didn’t want to be interrupted.
    What happened next was really funny. The girl who was running the bath had to nip round to the room next door to get her shampoo (she lent it to a younger girl earlier) When she tried to come back into our room the door was locked. She thought we had the key so quickly ran to the room we were visiting. She ran in and asked me were the key was. I told her I left it in the room with her because we would be a while. She gasped and told me “The key Is locked in the room so were locked out!”. I said we could just go get a replacement key in the first adverts (you cant pause the premier inn TV’s) she then said the following “ I may have left the bath running.”
    What followed was a mass riot as around fifteen; thirteen year olds dressed in pyjamas sprinted towards reception screaming that our room was going to flood.
    The receptionist gave us a replacement key and we quickly ran back to the room praying the bath hadn’t overflown. Thankfully the bath was centi meters away from overflowing, but our room was safe. We laughed for the rest of the trip because we couldn’t believe how stupid we had been. I will never forget that crazy holiday.


  8. My Craziest Holiday was when we went on a trip to Rome, Italy. I won a competition in our school and fortunately I got to go to Rome for free.

    Anyway, the thing that made our trip crazy was that we at this really pretty fountain and what you were supposed to do was chuck coins inside it. They said that if you throw a coin into there you’ll come back to Rome someday. So everyone decided to do it. Then as I was throwing my coin into the fountain I fell inside. Everybody stood up and started clapping for me. As I got up an artist came up to me and started drawing me. It was a caricature of me all soaking wet. He gave it to me. The original cost of a caricature is 10 euros luckily with some negotiating I got it for 5. HOORAY. I still have that very drawing and I’m looking at it right now wondering to myself why did everyone stand up and clap for me.

    Thank you for reading about my crazy Holiday.
    God Bless


  9. The craziest holiday I’d ever been on was two years ago in Paignton, Devon. Well my birthday was during the week there so my Dad decided it was a good idea to take me deep sea fishing, It would have been great, apart from the fact it had been raining earlier that day. We got on to the boat 30 minutes later then we should have, due to the fact these boats could only hold a small amount of people and unfortunately I was the extra so I ended up basically being a stowaway. When we finally set sail miles away from land on seriously choppy waters with sharks and goodness knows what else in there too, we began fishing. Luck was on my side apart from feeling sick and constantly hooking my self up to line (painful experience! wouldn’t recommend it), half an hour in and I’d already caught five Pollock (for those who don’t know, Pollock is usually the fish used in cheap fish fingers, well according to my Dad that is) . But that’s when this trip took a turn for the worst. One of the other people on the boat went and threw up and only half of it went over board, after that no one caught anymore fish.
    Then my dad thought it would be a clever idea to have a cigarette, but he didn’t see the big wave coming toward the boat. Bye bye lighter. After 4 hours of seeing more of the french coast then we did of the UK, it was time to return home. We ended up bringing home 15 fish with us, which made a rather nice tea, so not all that bad in the end, apart from being wet through and holding a large amount of freshly gutted fish which really stunk, I still remember the stares i got to this day as i walked home through town.


  10. When i went to Ireland last summer, I visited my moms family and i played with my couisin, and in the middle of the hid and seek, She found me so i was hiding behind the couch and didn’t relize behind me was a catus on the windiw ledge so i get up and turne my arm aroung and i get stabbed all over my arm and i didn’t know at first till i was trying to put my jacket on and then i yelled catus and my mom said yeah look there’s a catcus, but she didn’t know it was on me! She was shocked and I live in ohio, so we were out of the usa so she didn’t want to go to the hospital, so she got twezzers and started pulling, it hurt so bad!


  11. The craziest holiday i have ever been on is when i went to Florida for two weeks. i stayed in ‘The Ritz-Carlton’ hotel it was amazing the pool was massive.

    i remember i was helping my mum and dad unload the car when my mum gave me £50 i was so happy. i unpacked my bags then left the hotel to go to shops and the beach. i remember getting lost in a shop because it was so big.

    the next day i went to the swimming pool it was so much fun. i remember my sister got in and made a slash so big that she soaked everyone at the pool side. later on i decided to go to the spa to relax.

    i remember walking around and one thing caught my eye a stunning blue necklace it went beautifully with my blue bikini. when i went home my hotel room was wrecked it because my sister had a small party that got out of hand,


  12. Isobel October 27, 2014 at 12:45 pm –
    The maddest holiday I have ever been on was when I went to Pontins, with my Mum and sister. I was quite young but i remember it vividly.
    When we arrived there were no parking spaces near the entrance so we had to park around the back. Then we had to haul all of our bedding round the hotel and to the main reception , by this time it was chucking it down, i fell over into a puddle and got my duvet soaked.
    The next day we went to the arcade, i love the claw machines, so i went on a claw machine to try and win a heffelump teddy from Winnie the pooh i spent about five pound but still no success. This went on for about three days and then on our last day there I had five pounds left, we went to a shop and i saw the same teddy there so of course i bought it. When we got back to the arcade my Mum paid to have one last go on the claw machine just in case, and would you believe it we actually won one of the teddies. So in the end i ended up with two of the same teddies and no money left!


  13. No, you are not dreaming. But, perhaps you should be. Festival of Sleep Day is today. It is an opportunity to sleep in, snooze, doze, nap, and catch 40 winks.

    We feel this is the perfect date for Festival of Sleep Day. The holidays are over…Wow, weren’t they exhausting! It’s cold and snowy…. time to hibernate. And, why not re-charge the batteries as a new year of school and work begins?

    Festival of Sleep Day is a favorite holiday to catch up on a little sleep. Whether its all day, a full 8 hours, or just a power nap, enjoy the day sleeping. Cozy up in bed on the couch, or any other comfortable place. Oh…. don’t forget your favorite stuffed animal. It’s okay to sleep alone, sleep alone or with someone else. We do not recommend groups sleeps.

    Caution: Sleeping at work is not recommended, today, or any day. The only exception is for mattress testers.


  14. not long ago i went to the most spectacular holiday EVER!!! my amzing adventurous trip was to disney land paris yes thats right the one and only birth place of minnie and mickey… it was a family vacation which ment my annoying brother and sister were coming but it couldent ruin the great fun! the next day we set off to the airport and a couple of hours later were high up in the sky.not long later we were in paris i could see the beatiful effil tower from a distance also i had an advantage because i could speak french but that was the end of the day we went to our hotel which was beatiful by the vway and slept there for the night … the following day we were up early in the morning and not lond later took a train and were there in disney land.

    at first sight my eyes fell apon minne herself even prettier than how she looked on tv it was love at first sight i ran towards her as fast as i could utill i was stood right in front of heri lept tripping her over we were both on the floor but i wwas so pleased to see her at long last! sduddenly to my surprise as she fell her head fell of!!! i screamed thinking she was dead little did i know it was a mask to this day my childhood was ruined.


  15. On holiday we played prize bingo, I won the first game we played and got a prize ticket :), oddly enough my dad won the next game, and we ended up wining about six games in a row! I saved up for a gaint inflatable flying disk, unfortunately it blew away just as we got to the beach.


  16. Well when I went to Florida that was certainly eventful , I ran straight into the patio door then a different day I ran and slipped on the follow hitting my knee and ear off the chair the day before my birthday . Also when me and my mam were in a wave pool we thought well just sit down in the shadows and let the waves lap over our feet but the wave was too powerful and knocked us on our backs ! We couldn’t get back up until the waves calmed down , it’s funny now but wasn’t at the time as we ended up in first aid luckily just with a few scratches as the pool surface was rough as it was outdoors . My dad and brother were deeper in the wave pool when my dad lost his wedding ring , we asked the lost and found to see if it come out the filters but sadly it didn’t so he had to get a new one . The rest of the holiday was amazing but certainly eventful


  17. The craziest holiday I ever went was a road trip to someplace. I can’t even say properly forget write me and my 2 cousins along with all of our family had gone to the place with 2 cars and ” yes I was stuck in the backseat with my two annoying cousins “. After about 2 hours of headache and pain we reached the resort only to know it was full. Oh yes that triggered off me totally. But the road troops not over yet from their on we went to another resort and of course ” IT WAS FULL TO “. I couldn’t take it any more ……. but my family could !!! And after 5 hours of utter tolerance (only by me) we reached a resort which had rooms (at last). But the road trip ain’t over yet during midnight we got a call from my grandparents saying that we had to return back now as their was some problem , and so yes a total 11 hour drive back with my cousins using me as an pillow we returned back …………….FINALLY


  18. My craziest holiday was probably when I went to a cottage. We went to McDonalds but we couldn’t find our way back. We were driving for hours when we ended up in Blackpool, so we bought loads of candyfloss, went to the beach, and I had a go at bungee jumping – it was TERRIFYING. I also went on that swing where it swings you out to the ocean, and I nearly wet myself! When we finally got back to the cottage I was extremely desperate for a wee, and my bladder was hurting for the rest of the day.


  19. My craziest holiday was when I went to Southend in the car and we didn’t have enough petrol and we suddenly stopped in the middle of the moterway and it was quite funny becuz the radio was playing and it was about to say pig but instead it said pigue and then the radio stopped then my little sister vomited on my mum and we had to go to the service station but then my little brother wet his pants becuz he was too scared to go to the bathroom in case someone teased him which was weird and then we had to spend £50 on trousers for my little bro but not all of it was on trousers he wanted a t-shirt that was £40 and when he doesn’t get his own way he makes a huge tantrum so then we went back in the car and headed of but my mum left her. Leather jacket that my sis vomited on so we had to turn back and we had to wait in the car for 15mins until mum got her jacket and that was it and we got there and nothing else happened but that was my crazy holiday I love diary of a wimpy kid and would love to get my hands on a signed diary of a wimpy kid the long haul book.


  20. My craziest holiday experience was in Spain and we had to get a two hour coach trip to our hotel and we all got on and the man who was putting our luggage on the coach left my backpack ! Then the coach broke down a quater of the way there . So we had to wait a half hour before a replacement coach came . When the coach came we had to put all our luggage on that coach . When the man who was driving the set off , he took the wrong route so we was an hour late . When we finally got to the hotel it was 11 o clock at night so we had to go straight to sleep . The next day the whole family was fast asleep


  21. One beautiful holiday that is very unforgettable & kinda traumatic for me is what I called bird holiday madness.

    It is actually divided into 3 bird madness segments within the same summer with different locations.

    First, I & my family where in the port waiting for some friends before we board while I was munching some crackers when I saw a duck shaking it’s booty coming to my direction and making the quack quack sound that make my ears hurt so as a remedy to it I decided to share my whole crackers and it came to the point that I have nothing to give. The duck looks sad and then the expression was shifting to I can’t explain so I knew in my mind that i need to run or go away from the duck but before I stand it ate my toe finger. Seconds seems to be so long to me that time & I was so afraid that I will have some scratches and marks I don’t know the feeling that moment. What funny lesson I learned is that ducks don’t have a teeth hahaha. So i know after a while that i just got some saliva from the duck but no wounds for me hahaha.

    2nd encounter is when we arrived to our friends house that keeps chicken like babies.
    One morning I decided to go down to have breakfast in the dining when I am on my last three step of the stairs when all of a sudden the chicken appeared to me then BOOM! it’s like a good morning greeting that made me fall on the stairs and it started to follow me. Lucky me, I was save by the owner of the house when she heard the noise.

    Lastly,I & my friends visited a farm,stop in the tree house for a while then tour the entire area suddenly I was stunned by the beauty of the peacock because it was my first time to see it in person then all of a sudden the ostrich came to my view and it’s coming to our direction. The next thing that I know is that we are all running towards the long way of the farm to the corridor of the exit & that moment I learn how to run in a very fast speed without looking back.


  22. I went to Karachi for a week to stay at my uncle’s house. We went to explore at sea port and my uncle bought raw meat and I don’t know what he was thinking and suddenly threw a meat down the sea , I thought he probably feeding sharks or something but suddenly a raven or a seagull caught it and flew with the meat . second time he threw the birds got crazy over the meat they were fighting over it for survival . then I got curious to throw the meat like my uncle did. We threw them a few times ,suddenly I was about to throw the meat an eagle came out of nowhere and almost clawed my hand . I got so freaked out after that I didn’t dare to an other meat and plus nobody didn’t notice that got attacked by an eagle.crazy isn’t it


  23. the craziest holiday I have ever been on is when we went camping it started off like another holiday but then disaster stroke our tent blue away with all off our stuff in it and we were in the middle of know where and we had no car cause dads friend left us here so we were hungry wet and cold. it ended up snowing so it was terribly awful. Then dads friend got lost coming to collet us the next day so we ended up walking 20 mils to get home. Worst holiday ever.


  24. What is the craziest holiday you’ve EVER been on? WIN Jeff Kinney Signed book

    Holidays, A time everyone gets hyped up over, parents planning activities for the family to spend quality time with and school children ( as well as teachers) jumping for joy. Hello, waking up late, celebrating, goin for tuition and best of all, vacations! In my case, a holiday I would never forget is a fruitful one I experienced five years ago, where my family I spent six days in the land of K-Pop and ‘ kimchi ‘- Korea.

    Finally, after ages of waiting, our family arrived in beautiful Korea. Stepping out of the plane, we could feel the chilly weather to our bones. Never experiencing that kind of weather, my siblings and I were totally excited. Passing through immigration and baggage claim, we were talking animatedly about our new surroundings. Since we went with tour group, we knew we were in good hands.

    Incident number one. We were supposed to take a bus to check in at the hotel, as instructed. I guessed I was overeager and without thinking. I ran to a random bus and knocked on the door. The young bus driver opened the door and looked at me with a puzzled expression. He started asking me something in Korean, which of course I did not understand. I tried to reply in English, but before I could make the attempt, my father quickly apologized to the driver and walked me back to the tour group who was watching from afar, shaking with laughter. It turned out that the bus I was running to was not the bus we were supposed to take. I dismissed my burning cheeks. I was glad I could be the butt of everyone’s jokes on my first day in a foreign country.

    It was a bit past lunch time when we were done checking in our hotel. Not doubt, everybody’s stomachs were grumbling. Thank God after checking in, we were going to have our lunch and do a bit of sightseeing. While waiting for the others outside the hotel, we walked around nearby. There was a row of vending machines that sold various snacks and beverages, including Haagen Dazs ice-cream , and instant noodles. My mother had a craving for Nescafe, so she spent her first Korean money on that.

    At the restaurant, a delicious meal was already spread out for us. That was the first time we all tried kimchi, a spicy and sour vegetable side dish.I did not think it was horrible, but I preferred the fish kimchi much better. We all ate using chopsticks, so that was kind or awkward for me and my siblings, as we were not skilled at using them yet. Being Malaysians, we were used to rice, so it was a good thing that the Korean meal included rice and a few other side dish, eaten from a Bento box. It was weird though, the rice was stickier compared to the rice we eat at home, mainly to make it easier to eat using chopsticks. There was also hot and scrumptious miso soup together with the meal. Since my sister and my brother did not like it much, I finished up theirs. I gulped the warm soup down my throat- a nice contrast from the shivering weather outside.

    One of the highlights of our activities that we did in Korea was skiing. Everybody from the tour group was looking forward to that, even the 52-year old couple traveling with us. Since it wasn’t fully snowing yet, the hill was covered with artificial snow. After grabbing our ski gear, we listen to a briefing by the instructor. He was very help full, especially with us kids and the elderly couple.

    Feeling jumpy and hyperactive, me and my sister made our way to the cable car and successfully skied down a slope. I thought, ” We’re natural at this,” and my sister could not agree more. When we came to see how our parents and brother were doing, my brother started to throw a snowball towards me and my sister. It hit me, and we started having a small snowball fight of our own, just like in the movies! I guessed we got a bit out of hand and my sister accidentally hit a woman’s back. when she turned around, she had this angry look on her face and started to walk towards us.I hurried my siblings to continue skiing with our parents,and we ran away before she cold catch us. Breathless, we giggled innaivety as we recapped the moment.

    In a way, skiing is like swimming. Why do I say so? Well, when swimming ,you do not feel tired , but you would see the effect when you get ravenous and eat more after a session or when you intend to take a nap, but it is extended to long hours. The same goes to skiing. When we arrived at the hotel after skiing, we were drained out and starving. Instant noodles saved the day! We all ate curry-flavored Maggi together, savoring the momentary pleasure. We also dozed off quite early that night , right after going for a walk to enjoy the amazing night view of the mountains, and breathing the cool, fresh winter air.

    Shopping in Korea was also different compared to Malaysia. Its malls were packed with small shops or stales on every floor. Big boutiques were not seen as much as the quaint kiosks. Nevertheless, I found shopping at their markets more enjoyable, especially because you could haggle the price. Their specialties were crystals, fabrics and outerwear. Apart form that, I also liked their wet markets , mainly because they were very clean and they did not have that fishy smell. I remembered a shocking incident when walking through the stalls of the wet market. A large fish jumped out its aquarium and onto the floor. I stared at it and suddenly, I saw a huge cutting knife slicing through the fish’s neck! It was the owner of the stall’s doing. Then, the owner left the fish flapping around lifelessly without a head.

    There was also a treasure trove among the stalls of the wet market- a tiny shop which served grilled seafood. My family stepped into the shop and ordered some grilled fish and cockles.

    After saying our prayers, we devoured our mouth-watering find of the day. Dripped in a type of source, the seafood was the best I had ever eaten, as you could taste the freshness. Or maybe I was just hungry after a full day of activities.

    If it was up to me, there were so many things to write on my memorable trip to Korean. Not only we got to spend quality time together as a family, but we also learnt countless new things and even discovered hidden talents. My father always said we should travel with an open mind and an open heart. This is when you get to see your capability to adapt to changes. Just enjoy the simple things in life and be thankful of what you have. So, do just that. Who knows you might discover a part of yourself you never know existed?


  25. My Craziest Holiday Story ever was on Halloween. I went up to someone’s door, knocked on the door and waited. A few seconds later, a guy comes to the door and stares at me. Then he said, “No candy.” I stood for a couple seconds. Then I said, “Okay…”. Then I walked away. The guy kept on staring at me until I was out of sight. I don’t know if he was lying or what, but he looked like one of those people who just always seem like they are joking when they say things like that. He might have also thought that I was too old for Halloween. So, that was pretty weird when it happened. That was my craziest holiday story.


  26. My craziest Holiday vacation was in Cancun Mexico on Christmas! clear blue water swimming with the dolphins after Santa left me scuba gear and a bathing suit with sunglasses to wear!! Best holiday vacation ever! He must have enjoyed his fresh fruit and juice I left him!


  27. the maddest holiday we had was when we were in Italy and we had a nice day out in the mountains and then when we tried to get back to the hotel our satnav broke and we ended up going the wrong way to the ferry port!!!!!!!!!


  28. The most craziest holiday i have ever had would defiantly be when i went on a school trip to Belgium. Me and 2 of my friends playing football in the local park and everyone else was all around us including the teachers. One of my friends booted the ball over the hedges and when we went to retrieve it ( we had to go through the hedges and it did hurt) we were shocked to our knees to have found a massive forest and the first thing we saw was 2 foxes. at first we thought they were gonna eat us or something but actually they grabbed OUR ball with their sharp teeth and did a runner. we also ran after them shouting weird sounds to scare them and to make them drop the ball, but they just ran. we got to the point were we were LOST! yes we were lost in a forest in a country that we have never been to. we screamed for help hoping someone would hear us and no one did. After about 15 mins of wandering around we saw the most amazing thing a… a beautiful deer…it was walking so we followed it to and after about 10 mins of walking we found the hedges. it was a sigh of relief… we were fortunate because of that deer…then we got shouted at by teachers.


  29. Once i went to Scotland for a 2 week holiday and one day we decided to try some golf there and i had never played golf before but wanted to give it a go. So my brother was at the top of a really steep hill and i was far away when i took my swing but somehow the golf ball managed to hit my brother straight on the head and he fell on the ground crying and i wasn’t even aiming anywhere near where he was and i couldn’t believe it. I was in big trouble though and have not played golf since.:)


  30. Two years ago I decided to listen to the radio and heard that there was a competition going on. I thought that I can enter by there website and gave a good guess of the answer. I don’t win anything so I gave it ago and assumed I wouldn’t win. Three weeks later I received an email stating that I won a weeks holiday in Paris for two the most romantic city of all times. I didn’t quite believe it myself because I never win anything. Me and my boyfriend went to Paris and had the most wonderful time that i have ever had.


  31. when we went to Lanzarote, their was COCKROACHES! it might not be a big hoo-haa till you see them. their big scally back and their black as the night! into the story…
    it was the night time and we went to discover what life was about in Lanzarote but on the way back we saw a COCKROACHE crawling on the pavement! mum was frightened and i was terrified. we suddenly crossed the road. but little did we know there was one in our room!


  32. When my family were driving to bristol for a little holiday, my dad was getting tired so he swapped seats with my mum driving-wise, little did we know that a pigeon was going to POO in the car! (It was a convertible so the roof was down.) anyway, we were starving hungry, so we had to pull over to a gas station, where it took us ages to clear up the bird poo off the seat (very luckily next to me!) and we spent the evening at the petrol station living on sausage rolls for dinner! And all because of those FOWL pigeons! Get it?


  33. My crazy trip was when I went to Blackpool to shoot my film and after 2 days I went to Southend on Sea but I prefer blackpool as it is much nicer and there is plenty of rock candy there plus the amusement park is amazing


  34. My crazy holiday was when we went to Australia and we went to an arcade and my mum said that me and my sister could have a go at some of the games so we spent like 5 hours and £40 on games until I had 50p left and my sister said “Laur don’t you wont win anything there fixed” but I put the coin in anyway and it gave me two goes. On the first one I didn’t get anything and was really sad but then on my second go I wanted to get this really cute panda so I went up and it grabbed it and caught on another ones label so I got two teddy’s! Also on my second day I swam with sharks in the ocean and they were HUGE! Before I actually went in they were warning me “don’t move to much” “don’t wiggle your flippers” and they were doing all of these different type of checks but I freaked out and actually fell off the boat into the water and I screamed so loud I think I scared the sharks away!!!
    Please pick me this actually happened and I hope it was worth the Shark trauma 😉 xxxx


  35. The craziest holiday that I have ever been on is when……my family and I went to India. One day my family and a few friends of ours went on a tourism bus trip and we went up a really high mountain to get to our destination. On the way up the mountain the bus passed a mountain goat standing on a rock so my friends and I were making silly faces at it, but it must’ve got angry at us because it suddenly began pawing its hoof at the ground and all of a sudden charged towards our bus without any warning! At that moment everyone became hysterical and we all started to freak out so we began driving away but the mountain was very steep and we couldn’t go very fast. Eventually the goat caught up with our bus and it charged at the bus twice and on the third time it got one of its horns stuck in the tire of the bus and punctured it so we had to stop. Our bus driver ended up repairing the punctured tire and the local vet took the goat away. Luckily the goat didn’t come inside or else we would have been doomed! That was surely the most craziest holiday that I have ever been on and I won’t forget it in a hurry, thats for sure!


  36. we went to Cornwall when I was about 5 my dad parked his car behind a bush and thought he would be able to see the car from the caravan but he didn’t realise we was in the one you cant see behind the bush so when we woke up the next morning he thought the car was stolen so he ran out of the caravan in his t shirt and pants and went round the hedge and the car was actually there.


  37. I’ve never really had much exciting holidays except when we went Pakistan. I was only 6 so I don’t remember much but I think that’s what makes it more special. It’s like a story I have to peice together myself and it gets better when I hear others views on it. It was crazy as all I remember is eating lots of exotic fruit and lazing in the sun. There were also lots of times where we would be playing and we’d fall down in mud or somewhere dirty. I was very funny and the best time of my life.


  38. This is my trip to Pakistan in 2011

    A recipe for plane pandemonium: take one eager boy (me) and his family. Plonk in some scattered plane seats. Add one aviophobic cousin and an utter stranger. Scoop in a rather chatty pilot and smear with a chicken-pox infected younger brother. Bon Appétit. You see I was going to Pakistan with my mum, four brothers, two of my cousins and their dad (my uncle, one of many) for another uncle’s wedding but also for a little well deserved holiday. We were travelling with the PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) and we were all filled with anxiety. My eldest cousin was especially nervous as he couldn’t remember his last time on a plane. I was slightly edgy too but I tried not to show it, being a few months older than him and all. Our seats were completely random and I ended up sitting next to him and a total stranger. Waiting for the plane to start I couldn’t resist the chance to scare him with some plane crash facts. Only a little, mind you. Big mistake. I ended up spending 8 hours listening to slow breathing and the biting of nails. The air-food gave me the first sense of Asia: hot, potato-scented biryani made alive with colourful vegetables of all kind to warm me up with a thick, crumbly slice of chocolate cake in rich, dark-chocolate sauce for dessert, a great melt-in-the-mouth treat. Delicious. This led me on to try to remember my memories of Pakistan from when I was 2, the last time I went abroad. I couldn’t. When the plane started to descend I got my first memorable case of aeroplane ear, and boy was it memorable! I still feel it from time to time and, boy, it’s not pleasant.
    Arriving in Islamabad, the scorching capital of Pakistan, I could straightaway tell that this was a different country to England. The main giveaway was the heat: you wouldn’t get that weather in the UK. But it was also the…I believe the word I’m looking for is ruralness. Yes. But it was also the ruralness of the place that made it so different to Luton and Bedfordshire. I mean, I’ve been to the countryside but this was just so…so…wow. I hardly had any time to take it in though. I was just too tired, too jet-lagged to do anything but lean on the suitcases and ‘rest my eyes’. This, of course, did not go down well with my brothers and we immediately started to bicker over who got what spot. This in turn made my youngest two brothers start to wail. Who would think eight hours of not sleeping could have such a big effect? I certainly didn’t.
    It took about three hours from Islamabad to my town, Rajdhani, but we certainly weren’t bored. We travelled on one of my uncle’s vans, pointing out obscure bits of scenery and munching on Lays crisps (another name for Walkers): my favourite flavours were Masala and Tomato Ketchup. Upon reaching my village, a small one known as Bindi, we were quickly greeted by many long forgotten, Paari speaking cousins, uncles, aunts and grandparents and also my dad who had left a few weeks earlier.. My aunt owned a small farm, complete with a buffalo, some bored looking goats and even a couple of kids (the baby goats NOT children). I was really tired by then so I said my hellos and began a quest to find somewhere to lie down. But I couldn’t help noticing all the foreign features of the building: so exquisite and original they fascinated me deeply. The rest of that day was spent exploring the house and its surroundings.
    In the mornings we enjoyed a delicious breakfast of hot paratha washed down with a cup of sweet tea before getting out into the warm, fresh air and playing never-ending games of cricket, or going out exploring to hills and rivers and getting taught a little about the history of them by my dad. We often went shopping, either for food, souvenirs or clothes for us to wear at my uncle’s wedding. We also visited my Grandfather’s grave. I was three and a half years old when he passed away and it was the first opportunity we had to pay our tributes to him since our holiday as it was the anniversary of his death. It was a sad time for us all. I don’t remember him much but I always remember his amazing smile that could comfort anyone.
    When the time came for the wedding took it us all by surprise: it was also nearly the end of our 4 week adventure. We celebrated with laughter and lots of scrumptious Asian delicacies such as rice, saalan, curries and roasts. A few days later we returned to Islamabad for our flight back home. I couldn’t wait to get back to watching TV and drinking water that didn’t have to be filtered. I sighed, remembering that back home also meant back to school. Well into the night our plane stopped at Karachi. The airline had generously given us one free night’s stay in a PIA hotel. On the way there I noticed a brightly-lit McDonalds, bustling with people. Usually I would stop to sniff the wonderful aroma of succulent chicken nuggets and greasy fries but on this occasion I didn’t for fear of also smelling the pungent stench that was the humidity of the city. Karachi was so hot you could literally smell it! I tried to take my mind of the subject. Luckily, the hotel was near. It was very big with many rooms and even a swimming pool. As soon as we entered our room I dozed off into an instant sleep.
    I woke up exhilarated. I had spent my first ever night in a hotel. I could already smell the delicious food being prepared so I quickly washed and changed my clothes before joining my family downstairs. We were served mountains of hot, buttered toast with steaming cups of tea and some sachets of apple sauce. Grinning, I quickly picked up a cup and took a well deserved sip to relax my thoughts. My smile instantly turned into a grimace. I was so used to sweet, pan made tea that the taste of kettle made tea was bitter and uncomforting. Sighing, I turned to the stacks of golden goodness and took a slice.
    After our downer of a breakfast we headed down towards the airport. I couldn’t stop staring at the roads. They were so straight they could easily have been created using a ruler I pondered this until we reached the terminal. I turned my head, taking one final look at the amazing country I was leaving behind. “Goodbye, Pakistan.” I whispered, stepping onto the plane.


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