WIN a Moone Boy prize bundle and 1,000 Swapits!

Have you ever had an imaginary friend? Let’s admit it, we’ve all hoped for that super cool buddy who will help us out of all our scrapes!

That’s why we’re pleased to announce the arrival of Chris O’Dowd’s hilarious book ‘Moone Boy’ to Swapit!

We have LOADS of awesome samplers of this book hiding themselves in mystery Swapit packages for the next month (totally for free) – and we’re even giving you the chance to WIN the full book, 1,000 Swapits and some extra cool prizes!

So, what’s the book about?

Meet Martin Moone, an 11 year old boy in a whole family of girls! Desperate for a friend to help him in his idiotic life, his mate Padraic suggests he finds an imaginary one! After trying out Loopy Lou as his ‘IF’ (Imaginary Friend), he gets sick of his loopiness and rubbish rap songs. Then Sean ‘Caution’ Murphy comes along, an imaginary office worker who is as lazy as he is terrible at jokes! Sean proves useful, giving Martin loads of tips and tricks to deal with his sister’s pranks and the infamous Bonner boys. But how will he shake off Loopy Lou? TWO ‘IF’s are just too much to handle!

Sound like your kind of thing? Well, to be in with the chance of winning a copy of the book, a signature ‘Moone Boy’ style woolly hat for the winter months AND 1,000 Swapits, just answer this simple question:

How would you describe your ideal imaginary friend?

Answer in the comments section of this blog, or on Twitter tagging @SwapitUK, @MacmillanKidsUK and #SwapitMooneBoy! You could even add a picture to really get noticed!

One winner will get this prize bundle, plus 4 runners up will receive a copy of the book – winners will be picked on the 20th November!

Good luck swappers, and may the best ‘IF’ win!

18 thoughts on “WIN a Moone Boy prize bundle and 1,000 Swapits!

  1. My ideal imaginary friend would be funny,creative and caring.They would have to be funny because they would make me laugh.They would have to be creative because I like drawing and art.And they would have to be caring because a good friend listens to your problems and gives you advice.


  2. friendly, always there for you, does not give up on you, follows their dreams, respects you your feelings and your property and just KIND!


  3. my ideal imaginary friend would be magic she would have magic powers like she could make me invisible, make time stop or go faster for the boring times like at school, or go slow for the good times like Christmas. she would be able to help me with all my problems and sort them out. and be like a body guard .she would be able to get me all the stuff in the world that I wanted but not in the way that I would be spoilt. she would be called fudgy or pebbles.


  4. If I would have a imaginary friend It would probably be a girl the same age as me because we could do lots of things I can’t do with my younger sister because she is to young! We would got shopping everyday and we would also do lot of girly things like going to the spa and things like that it would be soooooo good to have a imaginary friend 🙂


  5. i already sent this to you in a tweet with a pic, but i don’t know if you would be able to read this, so I have sent this bit here as well thank you. I think Chris O’Dowd is brilliant and I would love to win this prize.

    My ideal imaginary friend would be someone with flaws and some imperfections like a real person. For example they would help me out in my time of need and help me get through it, but at the same time they would have their own problems which I could also help them get through. I feel the bond between us would be much stronger if we both needed the other equally as much. My imaginary friend would be a nerd. Because nerds are cool. Obviously. He would like the cold weather because it’s refreshing and he prefers it.


  6. My ideal imaginary friend would love tree climbing and other adventurous activities. We would have sleepovers every night and stay up late watching scary movies. Her name would be Clara and she would always be with me and pick me up when i was down.


  7. My Imaginary Friend would remind me when to do things (e.g. do the Daily Poll).
    He’d also be good competition on the PlayStation and ace at football. I would name him Gimpy, because of his wooden “peg” leg that leaves him standing uneven.


  8. My ideal imaginary friend would be completely crazy just like me. He’d be just a little bit older then me and he’d be caring and understanding, so it would be like he was my older brother. He’d be that someone who would walk around town in his underwear, not caring about what anyone said, just because he could (but obviously no one would see him but me anyway). He’d be really smart, and he’d help me complete all my homework, because he’d know that I’d get stuck on the easiest of sums. And he’d play the electric guitar!


  9. An ideal imaginary friend for me is someone to be honest also they have to be fun and like the things i like interesting so i will never get bored of them attentive and trustable if i tell my imaginary friend a secret they must keep it. Sticks with you during the good times and h bad (always be there) an be good at sport because i love my football. Finally funny make me laugh all the time


  10. My imaginary friend is geeky, rubbish at sports and a person that always prevents me from doing anything wrong. The exact opposite of me. I would like my IF to be different so it would get more interesting. My imaginary friend would also help me with my homework but she would argue that I’m hindering myself from learning.


  11. My ideal imaginary friend would be loyal and would always be close. For example batman and robin. They are close… kind of ;D My imaginary friend would feel like he was actually there like a normal person.


  12. My ideal imaginary friend profile…….

    Name: Orson

    Nickname: Oz

    Age: Unknown

    Description: He is a Square bear (a bear that is square shaped) with light purple fur and big puppy-like piercing blue eyes. He moves quite similar to how a rabbit does as he bounces around.

    Personality: He is a happy, energetic, enthusiastic yet smart creature but tends to get sad when his friends are and always tries to help.

    Special power/s: He has the power to make you happy even at your worst moments.

    His favorite color: Orange because it represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness and creativity.

    His favorite food: honey flavored lollipops because well that explains it’s self.


  13. My ideal imaginary friend would love tree climbing and other adventurous activities. We would have sleepovers every night and stay up late watching scary movies. Her name would be Clara and she would always be with me and pick me up when i was down. We would do each others make up and she would help me with my hair.We could also go swimming together at the beach in summer and build snowmen together in winter.


  14. Hmm.. my ideal imaginary friend?? I’d love to have someone who I can talk to about ANYTHING! Like if I was feel upset or really happy i could just tell them and they’d listen. Also someone I could have adventures with and just have a good laugh. Plus I’d name him Jim


  15. My ideal IF would be a person who can follow me around (not in a creepy way) and can help me make decisions and the rights ones as well. It would also have to help be an AMAZING swapper on Swapit so I can get the best stuff


  16. My ideal imaginary friend would be really clever and imaginative, so they could think up amazing excuses for me for forgetting my homework and to get me out of trouble. They would also have to be funny ,so they can make me laugh when i am sad, and loyal so i know that they would always stick by my side.


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