Are you a Super Swapper? Earn a COOL SWAP BONUS!


So, among ALL the prizes, competitions, games and frenzies that give us HOURS of fun on Swapit, we can’t forget the main mission of the Swapit Ninjas…


It may sound simple. It may sound obvious. But we all know that it wouldn’t be Swapit without the #TotallySwaptastic items you guys trade in every day 😀

So, to celebrate Swapit’s motto (‘Swap stuff. Get stuff’), we’re giving you lot the chance to win a COOL SWAP BONUS for sending in the most awesome swap you can think of!! We’ll be scouring Swapit HQ for whatever amazing items catch our eye, and every super-cool swap will win 100 Swapits!

Just send us a photo of your swap plus your username to and we’ll decide which swaps are cool enough to win the Cool Swap Bonus!! 😀 Just check your account to see if you have a surprise treat!!

You’ve got until the 7th November  to enter – get swapping Super Swappers!! 🙂


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