The Ugglys Voting Competition – All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

The Ugglys are back! And they’re even grosser then before! Ther kind of dog every cat-lover fears: loud, smelly, and totally gross! And that’s exactly why we know you LOVE them!

Their canine capers are the stuff of legends, and we’re inviting you guys to join in the mayhem.

We wouldn’t invite these horrifying hounds to Swapit without a very good reason! The Ugglys have some absolutely amazing prizes, just for you guys! We’ll get to that in a sec – first of all, let’s run through the details of this cool comp!

We know that only one of these hilarious hounds can be crowned best dressed! That’s why we need you guys to get involved, and vote which of these pooches has the paw-fect outfit! You’ve got a whole twenty-five to choose from – so we hope you’re ready for a whole lotta laughter!

Now, here’s your treat – let’s learn about those amazing prizes!

Twenty of you lucky entrants will get your paws on your own Uggly Electronic Pup-Pet! These hilarious – and disgusting! – new toys will have your friends rolling over in stitches! We just hope you guys can handle them!

But that’s not all. One lucky winner from each category will bag themselves a grand haul! That means you’ll earn yourself your own Uggly pet, plus 5,000 Swapits, and you’ll get a trophy and a certificate – PLUS the Grand Prize, your very own IPAD MINI! We must be barking mad to be giving away all these great prizes!

Everyone who votes will earn themselves some tasty Swapits (Just remember to stay signed in!), so everyone’s a winner in this awesome comp! All you’ve got to do to vote is just FOLLOW THIS LINK and enter the number of your favourite!

Don’t just sit there! Get on over to the Swapit microsite and sink your teeth into these tasty treats! Just watch out for that smell …!

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