Epic summer WINS!! Check out the latest Swapit Champions!

We’ve had an OVERLOAD of Swapit competitions recently, and it’s about time we gave you all your due on your awesome WINS!

So, who gets Swaptastic prizes? Who gave us the coolest entries and showed us how Swappers roll?!

Well, without further ado, let’s get started!!


We’ve been all over the galaxy here at Swapit, and we got you guys involved! To celebrate ‘Aliens Stink‘ making it’s way to Swapit,  asked you guys to tell us about YOUR alien – what would it look like? And what cool powers would it have?

Well, we can announce that our inter-galactic winner was…


“This monster is very strange he interested on the other planet and wanted to go to earth to see if the aliens on that planet were also like him but clearly not. He is a little bit shy and has the ability to turn invisible when he is shy which is really good for hid and seek.”

Awesome!! Great skill for all aliens to be able to play hide and seek 🙂 Congrats on winning a telescope, 1,000 swapits, a copy of the book AND your drawing illustrated by Jim Field!!

PLUS, well done…


You are all runners-up and WIN a copy of the book + 250 Swapits!

Back to earth now with a resounding KICK – it’s time to reveal the winners of our Chelsea Bridge Kids Comp!! Our dailies were taken over by Chelsea, and loads of you answers all the questions! Our five footie stars, and winners of a Chelsea Mini-Goal each are…



We better crack on as we’re getting chased now!! It’s time to announce the winner of our Tom & Jerry Competition!! You’ve all been hunting high and low for the Tom & Jerry icons – but there can only be one winner!


Ali .K!

 You got 259 finds, and WIN an iPad Mini!! Awesome!!

Lastly, it’s time to get magical and fly towards our last winner… we asked you guys to design the coolest fairy to celebrate the release of Michelle Harrison’s ‘One Wish‘. We loved looking through your sparkling entries, and one flew over the rest!!

The winner of an iPad Mini and a personalised case signed by Michelle is…


Well done – what a fairytastic drawing!

So, on that magical note, we conclude this edition of the Swapit Hall of Fame…

‘Til the next load of winners – keep swapping!! 😀

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