The Future8 Awards – applications are OPEN! Get recognised and WIN prizes!!!!

Listen up Swappers!!! This is it – your chance to show how talented you are!  If you’re between 7-17 we have an epic opportunity for you to unleash your creative digital skills!! Brought to you by our friends at Future8. Go on, Show them what you’re made of.


Future8 is a brand new awards scheme designed to recognise the coolest digital talent in young people. With 8 exciting categories there’s an opportunity for everyone to show off their skills and win some life changing prizes. Whether you’re a budding gamer who dreams of creating your own games and villains  to defeat, or an inventor who wants to control everything in your bedroom at the touch of a smartphone with the Maker category. Or maybe you’re loving some new action figures from Swapit? Why not get the camera out and animate them for a chance to win the Animation category? The possibilities are endless. Check out to see all the fantastic categories.


CAUTION: Amazing Prizes Ahead! There are 8 prizes up for grabs!!! With one winner for each category, judged by a panel of digital superstars, these unique prizes could spark your futures and see your creative ideas come to life!! Some of the prizes have already been announced – check them out at


On your marks, get set, CREATE! Get creating your entry for  a chance to  become one of our Future8.


Head to to find out loads of information about each category, the judges, the prizes and how to enter. There are loads of tips and everything you’ll need to know for entry on the site. Then comes the fun part – get creative!

Are you one of the Future8?….

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