Who wins an iPod Touch and a Sphero by telling us about their day?

Time to stop that film rolling!!

We’re ready to announce the winner of our ‘Day in the Life‘ Competition!!

Weeks ago, we asked you guys to make a Swaptastic Video telling us about what makes your day the most fun. What do you get up to on a normal day, and what turns a bad day into a good one?

We promised if we got more than 10 entries we’ll add a Sphero on to the prize, and we did it easily! Amazing work everyone!

Well, we had LOADS of awesome entries, and we got square ideas re-watching all your entries to come to a final decision…

Firstly, we would like to show off this star video  from Marium!!

Awesome entry Marium! We love your slippers too 🙂

So, time for the winner… which team won the prize? Swapit? Box of Awesome? Or Box of OMG??

Well done…

Rachel Harper!!

That was soo cool!!  Your editing skills are amazing! Please email videos@superawesome.tv to claim your iPod Touch and Sphero!

Awesome work everyone! Your videos were really entertaining –  but could they even be award-winning?  Enter the Future8 Awards and your next video could even win you a day on the set of a music video with Sony Music! How exciting is that? Find out more on the blog this weekend…

‘Til then – keep filming!

Team Swapit 🙂

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