Find out who WON a copy of Alice-Miranda, and 1,000 Swapits!

Stop jet-setting Swappers!!

We’ve come to the end of our Alice-Miranda competition, and we’ve journeyed far and wide whilst reading your awesome entries! From Australia, to Italy, to Micronesia (we had to look that one up!), you’ve definitely got some BIG plans for Alice-Miranda!

But, which answer WINS a full set of Alice-Miranda books, PLUS 1,000 Swapits? The journey to deciding was difficult, but in the end it had to be this amazing entry, from…

Aliyah Malik!

Alice-Miranda’s next adventure should be Africa!
She will be planning to visit Africa with her family, and they will be taking part in a Safari.
However,when Alice arrives in Africa, things don’t go according to plan.
Once they are on the Safari,Alice realizes she has left her camera at the hotel! However her parents do not want to turn back, therefore, Alice sets off by herself. She wastes no time, jumping off as soon as her parents’ back is turned.
Alice travels on foot for half an hour, darting around aimlessly, trying to avoid getting caught by not only her parents,but the scary wildlife! After an hour, Alice begins to tire, therefore she settles beneath a tree.
After what seems like ten minutes, Alice continues on her journey through the grassland.

Whilst walking, Alice catches sight of a tower of Giraffes. She jumps behind a rock and begins to observe the animals. She sees that the giraffes are crowding around something. Alice tries her best to spot the object of this attention, but it is only till one giraffe steps aside that she sees the truth.

“Oh No!” Alice gasps

In the center lay a baby giraffe. But something was wrong. The giraffe’s eyes were fluttering , and it’s body was shaking.
Unable to witness such pain, Alice ran fearlessly towards the giraffes. At first, they darted towards the baby and looked at Alice with guarded eyes.

“I want to help. ” Alice said “Please”

The giraffes did not back away immediately, but once they saw Alice was not a threat, they allowed her into the circle.
She moved cautiously towards the baby, careful not to hurt it. Crouching down, Alice’s fingers began to stroke its body. It was trembling.

“It’s okay. Shhhh” Soothed Alice

She scanned the tower of giraffes, but then realized that the mother was nowhere to be found. The baby must have been about a year old. Old enough to digest leaves.

“Okay, we’ve go to find you some leaves” Alice muttered

She glanced towards the trees, about half a mile away in the distance.

“I’m coming back” She assured the giraffes, and then she ran.

She was back within five minutes, her hands full of leaves. One by one, she began to feed the baby.

“C’mon. Eat up” She said

After half an hour, it seemed that the baby had been nursed back to life. For it sprang up, and began to grunt appreciatively at Alice.

“Why, Thank you!” Alice laughed

Suddenly, there was a loud BANG!

“ALICE! Where have you been!” Screamed her mother, as she stepped out of the truck.

“We’ve been looking for you for hours!” said Dad worriedly.

“I’m sorry. I was just…” Alice turned towards the giraffes, but they were no longer there.

“Well?” questioned her mother

“Nothing” Alice said “I’m sorry”

“Well get in the truck then” beckoned Dad

Alice jumped into the truck, and they set off into the grassland. She could not stop thinking about her encounter for the entire journey, and it seemed that the mere memory of that meeting would last longer than a thousand pictures.

* * *


Wow! What a great story – well done Aliyah – you have won a full set of Alice-Miranda books and 1,000 Swapits

Now time for our 4 runners up, who also receive a full set of Alice-Miranda books…

Rachel Harper – Australia

Winfrey Igiebor – Micronesia

Maisie Ferris – London

cupcake-10 – Dubai

Well done everyone who entered! We’ll email you to confirm your prizes. We had a great time reading your entries, and we wonder where Alice-Miranda will travel next? Maybe she’ll take one of our suggestions… 🙂

Look out for more competitions on the Swapit blog, and keep writing! 🙂

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