Show us a day in YOUR life, to win an iPod Touch and a Sphero!

Happy Extra Weekend Day!! Boy, do we have  a treat for YOU guys…

So, what are we going on about? Well, we’ve got an iPod Touch up for grabs… and we just want to know – what would make your day EPIC (even if that would be winning a Swapit auction)… 😉

Judging by your wicked answers to our surveys, quizzes and competitions, we can tell that you Swappers get some awesome inspiration every day! SO, we want to know – what makes a good day GREAT? We want to create a whole playlist of Swaptastic videos to showcase the Swapit community and let you guys share what you love the most – so, what are you waiting for? Get involved!

How do you enter? Just make a video, telling us all about a day in YOUR life, including your answers to these THREE questions:

What’s your normal breakfast?
Do you ever use your phone in school?
What do you do when school finishes?
These are just a guide, but we thought we’d give you something to get you started! 🙂
So, do you have a quick, ‘just grab a banana before school’ breakfast?  Or do your parents spoil you with pastries and pancakes? Do you hang about with your mates after school? Or maybe you need to get home to watch all your favourite programmes (and do homework, of course)…
Let us know, and the BEST video will win an iPod Touch!! PLUS, let you friends know, because if  over 10 people enter, we’ll throw in an AMAZING Sphero! You can’t deny they are SUPER cool 😀
To enter, just film your Swaptastic answers, upload to YouTube, and send the link to (! You’ve got until the 5th June to enter, and this competition is open to Box of Awesome and Box of OMG too –  so plenty of time to get thinking, get filming and get CREATIVE!
Good luck everyone!! 🙂

One thought on “Show us a day in YOUR life, to win an iPod Touch and a Sphero!

  1. The things that makes my day is my best friends listening to music and looking after my cousion with special needs


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