A whole LOAD of winners announced!!

It’s that time again Swappers – another avalanche of WIN!!

We’ve been giving away all sorts of amazing prizes, and getting LOADS of awesome entries – we were so hyped by our latest competitions that we almost forgot to announce the winners!

SO, we will commence the latest Swappers awards…

First up, the winner of our Turbo Competition, bagging themselves 20 DreamWorks Animation DVDs, is…


We know they’ll be screaming when THAT prize arrives! Well done!

The next category, and the person walking away with a Paws & Whiskers goodie bag, for their heart-breaking pet story, is…


Check out her adorable entry:

My dogs mean the world to me. Our Victorian bulldog, Rosie, and mixed German Shepherd x Lurcher, Willow, were both rescue dogs. Rosie was given up as she was too boisterous and dominant over other dogs. After lots of work Rosie has finally become more sociable with dogs and now is best friends with Willow. Willow herself was dumped 5 times and treated really badly for the first 18 months of her life in 4 different homes.ย  She came to us very fearful of strangers and could sometimes go to bark and growl at people who scared her. However, 8 months later she has improved amazingly! We can now introduce her to new people and even take her into busy cafรฉ’s.
Thank You

Great work! We hope you enjoy your prize ๐Ÿ™‚

Next up, it’s time to get a cringe on!! Check out the winner of our ‘Boys Don’t Knit’ competition, telling us their most EMBARRASSING story…


One day I randomly pranked my brother and went to bed really happy. However the next day, I woke up really late for school and had to race there. On the way to school I got really weird looks but shrugged them off reluctantly. As soon as I walked into school, crowds of people burst out laughing and pointed at me. Confused, I ran to the bathroom and saw my face covered in temporary tattoos of horses (itโ€™s an old family joke) all over my face and my face painted yellow!

What a meanie! Also that is pretty funny. And at least it won you a Playstation 4!! Awesome!

Time to get quizzical now, with some of our Swaptastic Quiz Winners..

Firstly, we’re pleased to announce the winners of our Doctor Proctor Quiz, each winning a copy of the book, as:

and julia hemming!
Well done all! We know you’ll LOVE your books.
Quiz number two, and we scavenged for a Kindle Fire HD for this one! The winner of our ‘Scavengers’ Competition, is…
Your reading skills are gonna be on FIRE! Well done! ๐Ÿ˜€
Roll up, roll up, because it’s time to head to the Big Top to announce the grand winner of our ‘Circus of Thieves‘ Competition…
You get an iPad Mini PLUS a copy of the book! And the runners up, each getting a copy of the book, are…

Well done everyone! You weren’t clowning around! ๐Ÿ™‚


Last but not least, we’re ready to announce the winner of a FULL set of LEGO Mixels – the grand winner of our LEGO Mixels competition!

Check out their super-cool entry!!

I partly picked FLAIN because he’s smart and smart people are good at thinking of strategies and its funny that if he think to hard his brain bursts into flames. The other mix is VOLECTRO because he has a lot of electricity in him that could be useful. I used FLAINS hair because VOLECTROS hair is always bad, VOLECTROS feet looks good for stomping that’s why I used them and his teeth and eyes look funny and cute to me so I used that. Then I used FLAINS body so I have a better mix of both of their bodies. ๐Ÿ™‚


WOAH. That was a LOT of winners. And a LOT of prizes! Great entries everyone! If you’ve missed out this time, don’t worry – they’ll be loads more comps appearing on Swapit in the next few weeks, both on the website and the Blog!

Happy winning! ๐Ÿ™‚

4 thoughts on “A whole LOAD of winners announced!!

  1. OMG, i cant believe i won a kindle fire HD, thank you so much, i am going to give it to my dad for his birthday because i know he has been wanting one for a while


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