Who WON an IPAD Mini with their AWESOME new element?!

Time’s up scientists!

We have LOVED having Simon Mayo’s book ‘Itch Rocks’ on Swapit this last month – and we can tell that you have too! Inspired by Itchingham Lofte’s discovery of the ultra-dangerous and rare ‘Element 126’, we asked you guys to invent a BRAND NEW element, that has never been seen on planet Earth before!

The prize? An iPad Mini!! Well, we had some AMAZING entries all over Instagram and the blog, from Frostphorous, to Loosium, to elements that explode into chocolate and marshmallows (yum!) In the end though, we had to pick one winner…

The Swaptastic element hunting champion, and winner of an IPad Mini is…


WELL DONE PFM2012! Your element was SO cool:

– A new super heavy element.
– At room temperature it resembles a metallic toothpaste, not quite a true solid.
– Strazozinchronium therefore has a melting point of only 38 degrees.
– However, it cannot freeze. Strazozinchronium has been subjected to temperatures as low as absolute zero and has maintained it’s squishy structure.
– Previously considered a metaloid, strazo has now been reclassified and has been given it’s own category in the periodic table of elements.
– A substance has not yet been found that reacts noticeably with strazo. It is the least reactive element known when solid.
– Liquid strazo however reacts with oxygen in the air and gains a silvery sheen which is so reflective it is impossible to look at with the naked eye and is capable of causing fires by reflecting light from the moon. Many people were blinded when the first experiments on strazo were carried out.
– Strazo in its solid state is also strangely repellant of metal conductors such as copper. If placed next to a coil of copper wire, it will slowly slither away.
– Strazozinchronium was discovered as a thin layer encasing a small meteorite which landed outside Moscow in 2009.
– It is thought to come from Titan, one of Jupiter’s moons, however scientists think that only a small amount of the element exists there.

But the WIN doesn’t stop there! We also have 5 elemental runners up that have snatched themself a copy of Itch Rocks!


fliss5 with Sparkrock

Sunshine12345 with Cabarian

Artistfreakgirl with Resignoipsumapud Opaca

Emily Niven with Explodium

 Xxchrissythekiidxx with Gasometheus

We’ll email you all so that you can claim your prizes.

Great experimenting everyone! We were really impressed with your discoveries! Check back for more cool competitions and in the meantime, why not pick up a copy of ‘Itch Rocks’? You’ll have an explosive time… 😀

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