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Play time’s over… find out who won a copy of ‘Doll Bones’ and 1,000 Swapits!

It’s creepily ever after on our ‘Doll Bones’ competition… To celebrate the launch of Holly Black’s new book, ‘Doll Bones‘, we asked you guys to

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Who WON signed copies of ‘Darcy Burdock’ and 1,000 Swapits?

Time’s up, Swappers! To celebrate the release of extraordinary new addition to  the ‘Darcy Burdock’ series by Laura Dockrill, ‘Hi So Much‘, we gave you

March 19, 2014 Books, Competitions, Fun
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Who WON the latest Mission Survival books and 1,000 Swapits?

The mission is over explorers! The time has come to announce the winner of our Bear Grylls ‘Mission Survival‘ competition! We asked you guys, which

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It’s WINNERS time! Check out the latest champions!

It’s that time again, swappers! We’ve had some awesome games and competitions here on Swapit, and it’s time to announce the winners We’ve got a

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Who WON a signed bundle of awesomeness from Tom and Dougie, AND 1,000 Swapits?

Right, swappers. Pens down! The ‘Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas’ competition is now extinct! That means you need to stop thinking about dinosaurs, poop and Christmas

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BOOM!! A whole bunch of EPIC winners are announced!

WOW. We have just had an avalanche of WIN here at Swapit! Ok, so normally we would make an opening speech about all the competitions

November 23, 2013 Competition Winners, Competitions
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WINNERS! The Lockwood & Co. Competition is Complete

The end has come, my dear Swappers! We certainly hope you have enjoyed yourself – but the time has now come to announce the winner

November 09, 2013 Books, Competitions
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It’s Happily Never After! Who WON a signed book and 1,000 Swapits?

TSI Friday!! (Thank Swapit it’s Friday)! We thought we’d celebrate the weekend in style by whacking some WIN into your evening As you guys will

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WINNER: What would YOU do if you had two heads?

Happy Monday Swappers! Here at Swapit HQ, we thought we would kick-start the week in style by unleashing some WIN into your evening! If you

September 30, 2013 Books, Competition Winners, Fun
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SO MUCH WIN! Smurfs, Sims, and so much more!

We are, of course, always full of win, but today we’re utterly bursting! We have tons of competition winners to reveal – along with some

September 12, 2013 Competition Winners
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