We’re putting together something new called Box of Awesome, and we’re pretty sure you’re going to like what’s inside… Box of Awesome is a free box (yes, completely free!) filled with as much cool stuff as we can squeeze in from games, music and movie brands (and lots of others). It’s got big names you know and very cool new names which we think you’ll like. It’s really quite awesome. Oh, and did we mention it’s FREE!?

Here’s the thing: all the brands in the box really want to hear what you think. Love them? Hate them? Want to change them? Give us your feedback and we’ll keep sending you Box of Awesome. Free!

So how do you get a Box of Awesome? Simple, just put your details on our Awesome List! We start shipping BOA#1 when the timer on the site hits zero. But supplies are LIMITED so you need to get on our list now!

One more thing! Because you’re in the Swapit community here’s an exclusive code to use when you register which jumps you to the top of the queue: SWAPIT (original, right?)

This code will expire on 11/02/2013 so get in quick!

While you’re at it, why not let us know what you’d like to see in the box? Tell us in the comments section below and your suggestion might just make it into a future Box of Awesome!